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Accenture a “front runner” in digital transformation services

Leading independent global analyst HfS Research releases latest rankings of Digital Transformation Service companies

HfS Research is the leading independent global analyst authority and knowledge community for the business and IT Services industry, serving the research and strategy needs of business and IT operations leaders across finance, supply chain, human resources, marketing, customer management and core industry functions.

The HfS July 2014 report places Accenture as a "front runner" in digital transformation services. Accenture strengths include:

  • Depth of digital marketing combines deep understanding of CMO challenges with strong technical capabilities around analytics.

  • The company is extremely innovative in its view of “mobile” as it goes well beyond devices with a broad vision around connected products.

  • It has a wide array of proprietary tools and platforms that enable it to provide faster delivery at lower cost.

  • Accenture is very capable of linking generic Cloud Infrastructure Services to industry-specific solutions given its long track record of successful business transformation projects.

  • Accenture has very strong capabilities and a vision across the analytics value chain, from strategy and analytics roadmap development to ongoing decision support and advanced modeling.


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