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Heating up the Future of Applications

Three Strategies for the High-velocity, Software-driven Business

In contrast to today’s monolithic applications, future applications will need to be more nimble. Companies that begin their reinvention now will benefit from applications that can adapt to the pace of business, manage rising complexity and open doors to more interconnected business environments.

Three new application strategies—liquid, intelligent and connected— can help you shape your future. By mastering these strategies, companies can accelerate applications—including custom, ERP and SaaS—to the pace of business.

Many companies’ existing operating model for software development is not fit for purpose in today’s high-velocity business environment. Innovations must be driven jointly by business and technology, tied to new strategic planning processes that span both. This requires a new business and IT operating model that effectively drives business strategy through software.
Within this new operating model, there are four new roles that will help companies deliver liquid, intelligent and connected applications.
Define and build the platforms needed to propel business strategy.
Teach intelligent applications to interpret data, apply logic and make decisions.
Empower growth through business partner ecosystems, while monitoring enterprise standards.
Assemble and release business solutions whenever and wherever the business needs them.

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