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Giving digital the human touch

Digital technologies are reshaping work practices and putting the "human" back in "human capital"

Organizations are shifting to a world where the innately human characteristics of collaboration, coaching, entrepreneurialism and fluid temporary teams are fast replacing hierarchy, bureaucracy, functional siloes and traditional notions of the job.

New digital technologies are driving that change. Virtual sensors, analytics, advanced robotic devices, developments in artificial intelligence, automated virtual assistants, 3-D printers, wearable devices, collaboration software and gaming capabilities all have the potential to reshape work practices like never before.

Through digital, people can create highly personalized work experiences, and lead and manage in ways that free employees to exercise judgment and unleash creativity at all levels of the organization. Leadership will loosen the old school “command and control” grip on hierarchies, and instead manage networks of employees and external talent pools.

In this article, authors Robert J. Thomas, Accenture Strategy managing director and executive director of the Accenture Institute for High Performance, and Accenture Strategy Managing Director Colin Sloman, explore how digital technologies are driving changes for the workforce of the future and how digital is putting the "human" back in "human capital."