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Get ready for the “Internet of Transportation” revolution

Learn how the advancement of digital capabilities in fare management is revolutionizing the public transportation industry.


The “Internet of Transport” has the power to revolutionize our daily lives- in this case, our travel experiences.

As the transportation industry shifts to digital technologies and ubiquitous network connectivity, it has the opportunity to edge out other modes of transportation and help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Many of the digital technologies, such as new mobile payment options and open data feeds providing real-time transportation network status, are rapidly advancing customer expectations.

Meanwhile, transportation operators are increasingly recognizing digital technology tools as crucial to future success.


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Key Findings

With Internet-connected devices, new digital tools and technologies are unlocking revenue opportunities for public transportation agencies.

Accenture research shows that such capabilities can create a more efficient fare management system, which would drive down operating costs for agencies, while improving customer experience for riders.