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Everyday bank: Moving from ‘What if’ to ‘What is’—Video

What if banks could realize the power of digital and become indispensable to fulfilling their customers’ daily needs, both financial and non-financial?

Thanks to new digital technologies, digital boundaries are blurring—just at a time when, for banking, profitability across the industry is stagnating. This dual threat puts banks in a precarious position. They must work harder to satisfy customers with changing expectations, while fending off threats from new non-banking market entrants.

How can banks go beyond financial transactions and become an integral part of their customers’ everyday digital lives? They will require an engine fit for the digital age, which is:

  • Real-time, based on analytics
  • Flexible and expandable
  • Resilient and secure
  • Low cost-to-serve

Watch this Accenture Everyday Bank video to learn how banks can transform “what if” to “what is”.