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Retail personalization: Customer trust and expectations

Accenture research shows U.S. consumers are divided on retailers' tactics and the type of personal information they are comfortable sharing.

Accenture research shows U.S. consumers want a personalized retail experience but are divided on retailers’ tactics and the type of personal information they are comfortable sharing.

The Accenture Personalization Survey examined customer expectations around a personalized shopping experience and identified the types of retail technologies, tailored customer experiences and communications – online and in-store – that consumers may experience. Emerging technologies and the continued explosion of digital devices allow retailers to reach customers like never before. But when your customers share their personal data, as a retailer, what’s your responsibility to protect it?

“Personalization can be a powerful method for retailers to differentiate from competitors, increase basket size and build customer loyalty,” said Dave Richards, global managing director of Accenture’s Retail Practice. “To effectively implement personalization across all channels, retailers would benefit from understanding customers at a broad level as well as individually – determining where personalization strategies can best drive business results, and giving key subsets of customers the choice on how they wish to participate.”

Personalization Survey

Learn more about their expectations in store, their preferences for what should be personalized and what they’re less comfortable sharing:

Technology Vision 2015:

Building Customer Trust

What are people willing to share and where do they draw the line? Watch the video below to see how people are reacting to this topic: