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Digital transformation: Re-imagine from the outside-in

Companies must achieve enduring customer relevance at scale through a customer-focused digital transformation to thrive—and survive.


Most companies recognize the power of digital. They understand that “going digital” means going well beyond marketing strategy changes to implementing a customer-focused digital transformation. And they understand how essential digital transformation is to their success.

Business success today requires digital transformation at speed and at scale. It starts with prioritizing a superior and relevant customer experience, and aligning the organization, processes and technology to power it.


CXO Talk: Mike Sutcliff on Digital Transformation

Watch and listen as Mike Sutcliff, Accenture Digital Group Chief Executive, discusses digital transformation with Michael Krigsman @mkrigsman and Vala Afshar @ValaAfshar.

Enduring Customer Relevance at Scale

There are three essential elements to deliver enduring customer relevance at scale:

Delight your customers: Companies must understand customers to design delighful omni-channel experiences and services. Customers systems should be relevant, simple and elegant.

Re-orient your business: Companies must tune brand management and the operating model toward customer-centricity and agility while infusing analytics into the core culture. Business systems should be effective, efficient and deliver return on investment.

Flex your platform: Optimizing the marketing, content and commerce technology infrastructure - and turning on a dime as needed - powers customer experiences and business operations. Technology systems should be robust, scalable and capable of being deployed quickly.

No journey looks the same

Every digital transformation journey will be different and dynamic because captivating customers means constantly and swiftly adapting to their changing needs. While a tremendous opportunity, digital transformation is never a quick fix. With so much at stake, getting started can be overwhelming. But there are specific actions that companies can focus on today to jumpstart a meaningful digital transformation—keeping the customer experience front and center at every turn:

Many companies have blinders on when it comes to their definition of digital. Instead, companies must infuse digital into every aspect of the business, creating an enterprise-wide digital ecosystem that includes people, processes and technologies.

An essential part of digital transformation is to make structural changes that enable collaboration, not just in name only, but in practice. Companies can set digital key performance indicators for personnel in all areas of the organization—and reward high performers with incentives.

Because companies have such varying degrees of digital maturity, benchmarking can quickly become an exercise in comparing apples to oranges that nets few actionable insights. Instead, companies should focus on understanding true customer satisfaction.

Truly owning the mantle of the digital business means always being willing to think and work like the best of them. This entrepreneurial spirit can lead companies to exciting opportunities to innovate outside of their comfort zone - where the magic happens.

Digital transformation must start at the top of the organization and permeate through it—the entire C-suite must be committed and work in a highly collaborative manner toward shared goals.

Digital gains are not necessarily immediate. Companies must be patient, pursuing digital transformation as part of a lasting vision for change, making long-term investments rather than focusing only on point solutions that promise an immediate payoff.

In many organizations, digital expertise is held by a select few. Moving forward, it is imperative that digital knowledge goes beyond isolated pockets to become embedded throughout the organization.

Digital Transformation

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Leading companies are already re-imagining customer experiences with a strong focus on digital. For example:

  • By giving customers rich experiences in their own languages, Marriott is reaching $7 billion in annual sales online.

  • With a focus on a seamless omni-channel commerce solution, Accenture is helping Nespresso transform their customer experience across 41 countries. Working with alliance partners including SAP Hybris and Adobe, we are providing services including e-commerce, mobility applications, store point-of-sale, customer relationship management and back-office retail systems in an integrated fashion.