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Connected Commerce: How Accenture and Paydiant Help Companies Move Beyond Payments

More people want to pay for goods and services using a mobile device. But only if paying via phone offers benefits beyond those provided by a simple swipe of the credit card.


Mobile payments is not an end in itself but, rather, part of a broader series of actions that customers take when seeking out and buying a particular product or service. It comes at the end of a consumer’s journey to making a purchase—a journey that includes myriad types of data and multiple potential touch points. Mobile payment solutions that are built on this premise are better positioned to gain widespread adoption among consumers and merchants.

With its ecosystem-based, value-centric approach to mobile payments, Paydiant has become a leading solution for companies seeking to capitalize on the surging consumer demand for mobile payments. When complemented with systems integration, app development, and analytics capabilities from Accenture, the Paydiant ecosystem can become an integral part of a company’s drive to put mobility at the core of its business.


By combining our individual industry-leading strengths, Accenture and Paydiant can help companies create a seamless, compelling mobile commerce experience.

Infusing Technology and Analytics Experience

Alongside the Paydiant mobile wallet, Accenture can integrate two of its industry-leading analytics solutions that help companies offer location-based targeted promotions, offers, loyalty programs and other value-added services.

The first is Accenture Customer Insight, which is based on Accenture’s customer analytics, technologies, data processes and services. Accenture Customer Insight provides a framework to help businesses achieve an integrated approach to deriving meaningful customer insight from the data generated by the mobile wallet.

The second is the Accenture Recommendation Engine, which uses a library of machine-learning algorithms to help deliver unique and insightful recommendations to customers, at scale and in real time, based on predefined business and merchandising rules. For example, it can suggest which offer to present to customers based on analytics performed on buyer identification data at the point of interaction, such as when they enter a store’s perimeter or approach a restaurant. By integrating both of these tools into the Paydiant platform, Accenture expands Paydiant’s scope and strengthens the solution’s ability to help deliver a rewarding customer experience.

Why Accenture

There are several key ways in which Accenture can help companies looking to join the Paydiant ecosystem. For example, Accenture can help to create custom-branded mobile wallet apps using the Paydiant platform, and manage the associated testing and maintenance that apps entail. Accenture adopts a unified approach to develop mobile apps, and we have a wide range of tools, assets and processes to industrialize and accelerate app delivery.

One of the biggest benefits of Accenture’s involvement is our extensive experience in systems integration, which enables us to help make the Paydiant solution an effective and integral part of a company’s technology environment including integration with legacy systems.