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Capturing the $100 billion opportunity for life sciences with digital transformation

Digital disruption has the potential to unlock billions of dollars in commercial value in the US. Are you a digital transformer or follower?LEARN MORE


Get ready to be disrupted.

There is some big money at stake as a result of the digital revolution in healthcare. Accenture estimates that digital disruption has the potential to unlock more than $100 billion of commercial value in the US over a five-year period through new digital business models. It is not a matter of whether this value will be created in the coming years, but rather who will capture the lion’s share of the market and money.

With the industry poised for radical changes, traditional life sciences companies must decide whether they will lead the charge by becoming a digital transformer or let this shift of value happen around them and accept being a digital follower.

100 Billion
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Will your company be a transformer or a follower?

Digital transformers focus nearly two times as much of their digital investments on growth as digital followers. Digital transformers also expect to excel in areas that illustrate this growth focus:

New sales channels

Customer experiences


New products/services

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Capturing a piece of the prize:
digitizing current models

Accenture estimates that:

Over the next five years in the US, the average top 25 global pharmaceutical company can generate up to:

170 Million

in incremental revenue

by digitizing the customer experience

190 Million

in cost savings

by digitizing operations

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5 key actions

To capture the big money, life sciences companies need to consider each type of digital disruption. To do that, companies should:



James Crowley
James Crowley

Managing Director
Accenture Strategy,
Global Life Sciences Industry Lead
Kenneth Munie
Kenneth Munie

Managing Director
Accenture Strategy,
Life Sciences Digital Lead
Benjamin Rhee
Benjamin Rhee

Senior Manager
Accenture Strategy,
Life Sciences