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Digital Business Strategy: Being digital

Remaking business for the digital economy.


Business leaders are keenly aware of the opportunities and potential from the digital economy, yet they struggle with where and how to start their transformation to being digital.

Unleash a new wave of growth and productivity by following some practical steps to remake business for the digital economy.

Three key factors are essential to being digital:





Fast-forward to the right digital strategy

Digital disrupts business strategy. Finding the right competitive response is complex. Executives must act fast across multiple layers of the business.

There is no one path to becoming a digital leader. Intelligent experimentation— a marathon in sprints—means business leaders need a fundamentally different approach to how strategies are developed and executed.


Adopt “no-regret” digital capabilities

Organizations that successfully use digital technologies for new growth operate with a different set of rules and capabilities.

Digital change happens fast, but “no-regret” capabilities can help organizations quickly improve today—irrespective of their digital strategy or industry—to realize benefits for the longer term.


Embrace the future of work and your workforce will embrace it with you

The vast majority of business leaders expect their organizations to be a digital business in the next three years. There is a window of opportunity to engage workers in new skills and working practices. Business leaders should build diverse, digitally savvy teams that can inspire flexible, agile ways of working.

Employees are ready; if anything, they are even more positive and proactive than business leaders about their digital futures.

Realize the vision

Succeeding in digital business requires new rules, new roles and new combinations of digital and physical resources.

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