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Corporate Citizenship


Technology continues to change the world as we know it, but to create positive, meaningful impact, we must put people first.

We do this by combining human ingenuity with groundbreaking technologies to solve complex problems and deliver innovation to build a more equal and inclusive society.

With our partners, our clients and our communities, we are scaling these innovations and improving millions of lives around the world, now and for the future.

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Citizenship Report now
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Watch two young entrepreneurs from under-represented communities realizing their dream with the help of Accenture’s Skills to Succeed initiative.

Click here to download the full article. Job Stations: A Workplace Inclusion Model for People With Disabilities. This opens a new window. DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO TRANSCRIPT (PDF)


We focus on finding new ways to apply technology and invention to create a positive and lasting impact for people and communities. Our 2017 Corporate Citizenship Report explores our goals, progress and performance across our global operations during our most recent fiscal year.

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