Launched in 2012, YouView had a clear goal: combine live TV, on-demand viewing and cutting-edge technologies to provide a seamless, simple, engaging experience to UK audiences.

However, by 2016 the content environment had increased in competition, with new, more agile platform providers, technology advances making HTML5 a standard, and new content aggregator in play.

In response, YouView launched a radical transformation program.

In addition to enhancing their existing Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud architecture to accelerate application development, the company wanted to develop unbeatable customer experiences.

Their vision was ambitious: a modernized and simple-to-use user interface, more personalization, a better cross-platform experience, and a next-generation platform that would rapidly adapt to changing tastes and TV demands of future viewers—all delivered without the need for a new set-top box.

Strategy and Solution

Agile methodology

Moving forward, YouView will build on the strengths of its new, agile, DevOps platform to further refine, enhance and personalize the user experience.

Transformational Cloud Solution

With Accenture’s help, professionals experienced in DevOps, AWS infrastructure deployment, infrastructure operations, and security developed and implemented a transformative cloud strategy, boosting capabilities in:


A scalable micro-services architecture platform was developed to ensure YouView could experiment with—and then roll out—feature changes to set-top boxes at speed, with less risk.


Using AWS’s continuous integration and delivery pipelines to automate software delivery processes enabled YouView to speed up development processes that build, test and deploy code for every change.


A new data and insights platform turn around 370 million anonymous usage data points per day into actionable intelligence—driving better, faster decisions and improvements.

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As a broadcast platform market leader, YouView has fully embraced cloud, data, application-development and agile technology across their entire platform and device base, enabling them to make large-scale changes, add functionality for viewers and enhance features more frequently.

As a result, within 18 months they were able to roll out a next-generation user experience to three million households.

The industry has taken notice of their achievements, recognizing them with a range of awards:

Advanced TV Innovation of the Year
2017 Content Innovation Awards

Best Platform
2017 T3 Awards

TV, Film and Broadcasting Technology of the Year
National Technology Awards

International Contribution to User Experience (gold)
Mediatel Connies Awards 2017

Best TV/Video Service Update or Launch (silver)
Mediatel Connies Awards 2017

Internally, YouView has strengthened its development environment to deliver increased infrastructure security, monitoring, scalability and elasticity, while shareholders and content partners now have access to comprehensive and valuable consumer insights, helping them build on the platform.

In all these ways, YouView has achieved its vision for a superior user experience, as well as notable competitive differentiation.

"This is just the beginning of a whole new chapter for YouView and for our shareholders, content partners, their advertisers and our viewers."


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