How Accenture Does IT

When you are in the business of technology, your clients rightly expect your own technology to be the very best. At Accenture, an internal team of professionals run Accenture’s IT like a business, serving internal customers by delivering the best IT in the business.

About Accenture Internal IT
Accenture’s IT organization aims to provide employees with the right tools and information to attain high performance.
Accenture Success Stories
We constantly measure our contribution to Accenture’s goals—and those of its clients we serve—on the path to high performance.

Accenture IT Reports
The 2013 Accenture IT Report looks at how visual communication is changing the way Accenture works—and what we are doing to enable that change.

Collaboration at Accenture
New technologies are helping Accenture professionals collaborate, giving both Accenture and our clients another powerful competitive advantage.

Accenture Internal IT Podcasts
Explore a series of podcasts that examine Accenture's own internal IT strategy-and how clients can capitalize on its experiences.

Accenture Internal IT Videos
See and hear our strategies and their results as we work to help Accenture and its clients gain competitive advantage.
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How Accenture Does IT 
Accenture’s IT organization is a leader in efficiency, maintaining average costs well below the industry average.
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