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Accenture Operations helps companies seeking new ways to achieve high performance in their business operations by providing technology-enabled business process services to help them deliver business outcomes beyond operational cost reduction.  Typical business outcomes delivered include helping clients increase their revenues, customer reach or further decreasing costs beyond the labor arbitrage type savings that have traditionally driven business process outsourcing.
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) 

Accenture offers a vast range of operations services to enable high performance, including function-specific services such as talent and HR, finance and accounting, procurement, supply chain and marketing as well as services geared to the needs of specific industries such as utilities, life sciences and health care.

Cross-Industry BPO Services

Finance and Accounting



Supply Chain

Talent and HR

Industry-specific Services

Accelerated R&D

Credit Services

Health Administration

Health Management




Bundled Outsourcing Services

Bundled Outsourcing

What is High Performance in BPO?

What is High Performance in BPO?

Our High Performance in BPO research identifies the specific business outcomes and the collaborative behaviors and practices that enable clients to capture the greatest potential value from BPO.

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Meet our Group Chief Executive
 Mike Salvino
"The potential for BPO to address immediate cost pressures as well as long-term recovery goals is unprecedented. Now, more than ever, companies should be considering BPO to help navigate these periods of uncertainty and emerge even stronger".—Michael (Mike) J. Salvino, Group Chief Executive—Accenture Operations
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Business Process Outsourcing - BPO Service - Accenture 
Accenture’s BPO services (business process outsourcing services) provide industry-specific and cross-industry BPO solutions for a wide array of clients worldwide.
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