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  • Energy: (Smart) power to the people!
    Although the smart grid’s promise has yet to be fully realized, a new breed of energy consumers and innovative next-generation technologies have combined to create fresh opportunities for providers and the many new firms competing to capture value in the evolving energy marketplace.

  • Retail: Shoppers without borders
    Responding to the needs of the world’s borderless shoppers can be challenging for traditional retailers. But by recognizing these consumers’ diversity, taking a multichannel approach to serving them and forging collaborative alliances, some are starting to offer a truly seamless global shopping experience.

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  • Marketing: Serving the nonstop customer
    A customer’s path to purchase used to be linear. Now the journey is dynamic, accessible and continuous. Marketing executives need a new model that can help them become and remain relevant to their customers in this uncharted environment.

  • Information Technology: How secure are your information systems?
    As IT systems become more functionally rich, open and dynamic and the information they contain grows in size and value, many companies are rethinking their security strategies to balance the threats and opportunities inherent in new technologies.

  • Talent & Organization: Where will you find your analytics talent?
    As companies search for top people to staff their ambitious moves into analytics, they are encountering a critical mismatch between supply and demand. Although there are no quick fixes, there are a number of practical steps organizations can take to address what has become a global challenge.

  • Business Process Outsourcing: A catalyst for innovation
    In the early years of business process outsourcing, you outsourced, you took out a bunch of cost, you streamlined processes, you got more efficient. Game over. But these days, a new generation of BPO is focused on creating business value beyond cost savings. And as expectations have risen, more and more organizations are looking to their providers for innovation.

  • Supply Chain Management: Why a sustainable supply chain is good business
    By working with their suppliers to systematically monitor, measure and communicate the benefits of cleaner and more socially responsible business, leading companies are starting to turn supply chain sustainability into a driver of competitive advantage.

  • Emerging Markets | China: The last 10 miles
    In the early years of China’s economic boom, the country’s enterprises were characterized by low added value, low operational efficiency and low productivity—conditions that often greatly limit profitability amid high growth. To rectify this imbalance, Chinese companies will have to focus on developing capabilities related to strategy, operations, marketing, human resources and culture.

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