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  • Retail: Up close and personal
    With such formidable competitors as Amazon and Apple successfully invading their space, many traditional retailers will struggle to keep pace over the next decade unless they can swiftly develop a deeper, more intimate and long-term relationship with consumers.

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  • Strategy & Growth: New paths to growth: The Age of Aggregation
    Today’s expanded-scale businesses require ever more substantial sales volumes to create shareholder value. In order to grow, they must become market aggregators—masters at identifying commonalities in far-flung consumer segments—recognizing that the strongest growth will happen not within industries or markets but across and among them.

  • Strategy & Growth II: How Big Data can fuel bigger growth
    In the right hands and handled strategically, the massive amounts of information companies collect today can become a valuable new asset. Players seeking additional organic revenue streams should consider tapping their data trove to power a new information services growth engine.

  • Customer Relationship Management: Blurring borders
    Despite their diversity, the world’s consumers also have much in common. Segmenting them by similar motives, attitudes and behaviors—across geographies—can help companies overcome the complexities that derail so many attempts to achieve profitable global growth.

  • Emerging Markets: Inclusive growth: Closing the commitment gap
    For years, companies have been exhorted to seek new customers and employees from the world’s poor, underprivileged and isolated. Progress has been slow, but some organizations are finding ways to get around the obstacles that give others pause.

  • Risk Management: The Risk Masters
    In the wake of a series of disasters, organizations are putting in place more comprehensive risk management programs, with the intent of moving beyond a reactive approach to risk to one that can fuel business growth in a smarter, more controlled fashion. And according to new research, an elite group of companies is also emerging to embrace even more advanced risk management capabilities.

  • China: Can Chinese companies win in the global big leagues?
    The likes of Lenovo and Haier have shown that they can. But for other Chinese enterprises to enter the ranks of the world’s premium brands, they must establish a significant global presence in operations, sales, distribution and R&D.

  • Talent & Organization: Solving the skills crisis
    The broad availability of workers in the midst of the economic downturn can be misleading, and many executives are only beginning to appreciate the scope of the challenge they face when it comes to finding the right skills to compete in the years ahead. Companies must get out in front of the skills challenge, building an arsenal of altogether new solutions.

  • Information Technology: A new era of collaboration
    For the first time, it is possible to create IT-based solutions that are flexible, timely and able to be tailored to short-term business needs. There’s a catch, however: To tap into the true power of this next generation of solutions, companies need to collaborate across a broader business and IT ecosystem.

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