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On the Edge

  • Cloud Computing: Where is the rain?
    Cloud computing makes traditional IT faster, better and cheaper—and it has the potential to change both the business and IT landscapes in fundamental ways.

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  • Sustainability: Can business do well by doing good?
    Yes, but not until basic sustainability practices are fully integrated into the way business is done, both strategically and operationally.

  • Strategy & Planning: Gearing up for the two-speed global recovery
    As companies in developed economies lower their post-recession growth expectations, their emerging-market counterparts have gone into overdrive.

  • Emerging Economies: Brazil on the move
    Once known for samba and soccer, Brazil today is a global player to be reckoned with.

  • Emerging Markets II: China's high performers take the long view
    China’s top companies were shaken but not toppled by the global financial crisis. Their success can be traced to long-term strategies that stabilize them in hard times.

  • Business & the Economy: Where will the jobs come from?
    Contrary to more doom-laden views, there are ample opportunities for new growth and jobs in the mature economies of North America, Europe and Japan.

  • Talent & Organization Performance: The change-capable organization
    Rather than reshape itself periodically with stand-alone change programs, a company and its culture must be constantly adaptable to new directions.

  • Customer Relationship Management: Will marketing get the message?
    In a growing number of organizations, marketing is assuming a commanding new role—not only executing strategy but increasingly shaping it as well

  • Supply Chain Management: The innovation enabler goes mainstream
    Forward-thinking business leaders see product lifecycle management as an essential discipline for driving innovation and growth while managing costs and improving pricing.

  • Outsourcing: The analytics advantage
    By building on the extensive data generated as part of a business process outsourcing relationship, companies can more rapidly achieve higher levels of analytical sophistication.

  • Government/Public Service: State of panic
    Demand for public services is growing as state and local governments struggle with fiscal crisis. To survive, agencies need to adopt private-sector tactics that can cut costs quickly.

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