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  • Felipe Calderón | Green Growth: How to manage a false dilemma
    Economic growth and protecting the environment are not incompatible, insists this former president of Mexico. But the need to act is urgent and will require a concerted global effort if the world’s economy is to adapt successfully to future climate change.

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  • Retail | Who are the Millennial shoppers? And what do they really want?
    The digital prowess and market savvy of Millennials make them a difficult group for retailers to bracket—do they break all the rules, or are they more like other consumers? New research puts to rest a number of Millennial myths and provides insights marketers can use to engage and serve tomorrow’s trillion-dollar demographic.

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  • Marketing | A new path to growth: How to stay a step ahead of changing consumer behavior
    In their search for high growth, companies today no longer can count on demographic changes or emerging markets. Instead, they must understand and capitalize on a third route that is driving rapid growth in a wide variety of industries.

  • Information Technology | A fresh start for enterprise IT
    In the face of rapidly evolving changes in technology and mounting competitive pressure, organizations must hit the reset button for how they use IT. The solution isn’t to bring existing programs to a halt and start over. But it’s almost as bold: restarting IT while in motion.

  • Asia | The human touch behind Asia Inc.’s global push
    A new generation of Asian companies is going global and actively managing talent, leadership, empowerment and communications to overcome obstacles and drive growth. These culturally savvy leaders are rendering stereotypes obsolete, setting the standard for other Asian globalizers and posing a new threat for established multinationals.

  • Innovation | Big Bang Disruption: The innovator’s disaster
    As business costs are driven ever lower, some companies are creating disruptive products that, right out of the gate, are simultaneously better and cheaper than existing products. The upshot? Success for those who play by the new rules of strategy and competition—and disaster for incumbents who can’t adapt fast enough.

  • Risk Management | The art of managing innovation risk
    Improvisation and experimentation can lead to big, breakthrough innovation. And innovation, fused with an agile, sophisticated approach to risk management, can create a powerful, value-driving partnership.

  • Business Process Outsourcing | A better way to resolve business conflicts
    Having a realistic perspective that life is not perfect is a good thing—whether you’re a service provider or a client. The ability to settle the smaller issues promptly and productively lays the groundwork for dealing with more serious, potentially deal-breaking problems that may arise down the road.

  • Talent & Organization | A healthy talent advantage
    The challenges are daunting. But by weaving healthcare coverage decisions into their talent strategies, and by managing implications of the Affordable Care Act as a strategic change program, US companies can capitalize on opportunities to create a unique value proposition for current and prospective employees.

  • Germany | How Germany’s top companies thrive in rough times
    The most successful German companies continuously transform themselves to increase and maintain overall competitiveness. And they owe this outstanding agility to a balanced combination of financial strength, IT-enabled insight and values-driven leadership.

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Table of Contents, 2013, Volume No. 2, Accenture Outlook 
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