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  • The Long View: The new growth agenda
    With so many new and potentially attractive markets to choose from, all at different stages of development, how can business leaders identify the best opportunities?

  • From the Editor’s Desk: All else being equal…
    Strategic recommendations often come with the qualifier “all else being equal”—as in, “All else being equal, this particular strategy is appropriate.” When it comes to the best strategy for finding growth in emerging markets, it’s time to recognize that “all else” is nowhere near equal, and that what you must do is wholly dependent on where you want to do it.

  • On the Edge: Why media tablets will transform education
    In the coming decade, the field of education is where IT will make its single biggest social and economic contribution.

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  • Healthcare: Making the right connection
    Connected-health systems—IT-enabled networks that capture all patient data and allow that information to be shared—are the key to better, cheaper and more accessible care.

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Special Report: The new growth agenda

  • Strategy: Finding growth off the curve
    With so many markets around the world simultaneously approaching critical mass, how do companies decide where and when to invest their scarce resources? Consumption curves—an old idea imbued with new power—can provide those answers and more, including how to shape markets to their advantage.

  • Emerging Markets | China: Think you’ve got China figured out? Think again
    Very few Western companies are committing the resources required to succeed in China. Failure to focus on this complex and challenging market will mean not only passing up a significant opportunity—it could also jeopardize your future global position.

  • Manufacturing: North America flexes its industrial muscle
    After ceding much of its commodity industrial base to low-cost developing countries, North America is in the midst of a manufacturing revival. The innovative downstream producers driving this resurgence are looking beyond emerging markets to once again invest heavily in the region.

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  • Emerging Markets | Latin America: The will to win
    Latin America’s best companies have a simple strategy for consistently profitable growth: a single-minded focus on what they do best and a deep-seated confidence in their own capabilities.

  • Information Technology: Embracing the consumer IT revolution—at work
    More and more employees are using their own devices and choosing their own software, in addition to—or instead of—their corporate-provided IT. Company executives must learn to manage this fundamental change, giving up some control in return for the benefits consumer IT brings to the workplace.

  • Strategy: From analog to digital: How to transform the business model
    Most consumer-facing businesses are now using digital tools to get closer to customers. Far fewer are close to completing the challenging but essential journey to a holistic, integrated model, with shared assets and platforms, and an overarching digital approach.

  • Talent & Organization: The learning enterprise
    Bringing new and relevant skills to the workforce has never been more important. To do so successfully, organizations must absorb the best practices of internal and external experts into their own knowledge base, connect people in ways that will encourage innovation and turn the entire enterprise into a learning team.

  • Marketing: Are you taking full advantage of the pricing window?
    Prices tend to be seen as markers for individual transactions. In fact, the total realized price for many products and services takes into account the full set of related transactions that occur before, during and after the sale. It represents a window of opportunity that opens earlier, and stays open longer, than companies often realize.

  • Business Process Outsourcing: Partners in high performance
    The key to long-term excellence in BPO? The quality of the relationship between client and provider. New research reveals eight best practices critical to creating a more strategic, balanced and thoughtful approach to establishing and managing BPO engagements.

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