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  • Public Service | Coup d’état: Radically rethinking public services
    As they attempt to square public service demand against supply, governments worldwide must do more, better, with less. To be successful, they need to overthrow old ideas and embrace the next generation of tools and ways of working.

  • Strategy | Cross-industry ecosystems: Growth outside the box
    To reap future growth benefits, companies must smash through the traditional confines of industry walls to seek collaborative opportunities that stretch across multiple business sectors.

  • Strategy | Why gamification is serious business
    By using the mechanics of digital gaming, companies in a wide range of industries are boosting innovation, building more effective marketing campaigns and driving value.

  • High-Growth Markets | Inclusive business initiatives: Scaling innovation for an emerging middle class
    Efforts to create innovations that can meet both social and business goals in low-income markets are fraught with unanticipated dangers. A study of 18 initiatives from around the world reveals how ventures can succeed where others have failed.

  • China | Meet the new Chinese consumer
    Successful consumer marketing in China is, in many ways, as much art as science. It combines a sophisticated understanding of local perceptions and preferences with a willingness to embrace unconventional strategies and the best new technology.

  • Sustainability | Holistic, inclusive, robust: How end-to-end sustainable systems drive business value
    Plenty of companies have taken significant steps toward becoming more sustainable, but none has turned incremental progress into truly transformational change. That requires innovation and collaborative initiatives right across the enterprise—from strategy to operations to the supply chain.

  • Supply Chain Management | When product complexity hurts true profitability
    To meet the challenges inherent in today’s volatile global marketplace, companies need the right analytical lens to clarify the incremental profit generated by offering more innovative and differentiated products.

  • Information Technology | IT governance: Spinning into control
    For today’s IT executive, the job has never been more difficult. The solution? Mastering a new set of capabilities focused on areas that are generally not part of traditional IT governance.

  • Business Process Outsourcing | Talent & Organization | Masters of the mix
    The benefits of effective change management in BPO are measured at both an individual and organizational level. Companies that are attentive to transition issues and to supporting the retained workforce can drive topline benefits from a more effective functional organization.

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Table of Contents, 2013, Volume No. 1, Accenture Outlook 
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