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Interview: Jeremy Rifkin, president, TIR Consulting Group | The new economic paradigm

History’s pivotal economic shifts happen, says this author, economic advisor and activist, when new energy regimes converge with communications revolutions—a convergence that leads to more sophisticated, sustainable economic activity and more complex social organization. The world, he says, is on the cusp of such a shift today.

Why green is the new gold

Progress toward more sustainable global business is proving tough, but by turning sustainability initiatives into drivers of measurable value, some pioneering CEOs are significantly outperforming their peers and forging a path for others to follow.

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Interview: Felipe Calderón, former president, Mexico | Green Growth: How to manage a false dilemma

Economic growth and protecting the environment are not incompatible, insists this statesman. But the need to act is urgent and will require a concerted global effort if the world's economy is to adapt successfully to future climate change.

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