Pulse of Media

Since its launch in 2012 Accenture’s Pulse of Media has provided a forward-looking perspective on the trends changing the media landscape. As consumer trends have become more pronounced, delivery infrastructure has improved, and business models have taken hold, Accenture’s vision of the industry has proven accurate.


Pulse of Media Themes

This year, the Pulse of Media has been reframed to specifically check the pulse of the media and entertainment consumer, the industry and the competition. For each of these constituents we identify the established, in-play and emerging trends for media and entertainment executives to watch.

Theme 1


The Golden Age of Video Consumption

Video consumption – anytime, anywhere – has become mainstream, accelerating the decline of traditional TV viewing. As consumers consume the exponentially growing quantity of content now available, quality matters when it comes to paid content and increasingly to free content. Consumers are now both kings and kingmakers, fully in control of which bundles, which brands and which content succeeds. The ability to capitalize will depend on rapidly understanding these preferences.

Theme 2


A New Media Paradigm

The media and entertainment industry is facing a completely new content paradigm. The democratization of content creation, the need to evolve content delivery and the mandate to evolve content business models will require traditional content providers to transform into digital product distribution companies. Customer insights across the full content life cycle will be key to content differentiation.

Theme 3


Shift from Protection to Innovation

As disruptors shake up the competitive landscape, media players are challenged to innovate, evolving video services, expanding capabilities and experimenting with new monetization models. The ability to react swiftly to product innovation opportunities and competitive challenges, reducing time to market from months to minutes, will be what is required in the new digital media ecosystem.



In Conversation With

Watch industry commentators, operators and disruptors as they offer perspectives on what’s coming up.



About Pulse of Media

The Pulse of Media study is based on a collection of hypotheses developed by Accenture subject matter advisors, strategy consultants, architects and engineers working in the field. These hypotheses have been screened against inputs from an array of sources including the 2015 Accenture Digital Consumer Survey, third party data analysis, academic literature, the flow of venture capital funding and dialogue with industry commentators, operators and disruptors.