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The new normal of rising demand and shrinking resources is changing the face of human services. Responding to this environment and achieving high performance means transforming the business of human services—reinventing service delivery with a focus on integration, innovation and outcomes—to help our clients empower services and improve lives by delivering benefits more cost-effectively and efficiently.

Human Services

Human Services Human services agencies need to deliver more effective services more efficiently and quickly to help families in need receive quality services while maximizing taxpayer money. Accenture helps agencies integrate quality services, making the most of limited resources, modernizing technology, creating efficiencies, improving services and reducing costs.


Education institutions must cost-effectively deliver on the mission of providing quality education for the 21st century student. Accenture helps education institutions modernize administrative processes and functions, becoming more agile while also improving the technology that underpins the organization.


Public employment services and government organizations want to create employment systems that connect people, processes, skills, education and jobs. We help them to optimize operations for cost savings and efficiency, integrate the labor ecosystem and proactively realign labor market demand with educational supply.

Eligibility Systems

Eligibility  Systems US human services agencies must streamline eligibility determination in an environment of increased demand, reduced resources and new impacts from healthcare reform. Accenture is helping agencies break down barriers, integrate systems and center their business on families to become more efficient, effective and drive new value to realize desired outcomes.

Social Security

Social Security Social security agencies worldwide are focusing on streamlining eligibility determination, case management and benefits delivery for government assistance programs serving elderly, low income and special needs populations. Accenture is helping modernize and integrate systems so agencies can improve social security program delivery while reducing costs.


Pensions Pension organizations must change how they work amid a global pensions crisis and widespread pensions reform. Accenture is helping pensions agencies plan and develop new pension systems and modernize existing ones to realize new flexibility and generate new efficiencies while complying with reform mandates and meeting service expectations.


Nonprofit Nonprofit organizations face unprecedented challenges. Global economic conditions mean a decline in government support as demands for services increases. Accenture is helping nonprofits target donors more effectively and lower back-office expenses using IT to drive transformation and programmatic efficiency so they can focus on achieving their mission.
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Accenture Human Services Solutions 
Read about Accenture Human Services Solutions and how Human services agencies can benefit from our technology and business understanding.
accenture human services solutions
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