Skills to Succeed in the United States

Skills to Succeed is about empowering people to change their lives, whether helping a young adult prepare for the workforce, an entrepreneur build a business or an unemployed person train to enter a new profession. We are privileged to touch the lives of so many individuals at various stages of their career journeys.”

Robin Boggs - US Corporate Citizenship Lead

Building Momentum
Building Momentum
Learn about Accenture's commitment to building skills.

Preparing for employability and entrepreneurship has become increasingly urgent in the United States and around the world. Having the right skills can open doors to employment and enhance economic inclusion and resilience at both individual and community levels. Yet, millions of Americans lack workplace and entrepreneurial skills.

In fact, the lack of a properly skilled workforce is hindering the ability of American businesses to compete globally, according to recent research, Bridge the Gap: Rebuilding America’s Middle Skills, from Accenture, Burning Glass Technologies and Harvard Business School.

Skills to Succeed, Accenture’s corporate citizenship initiative, focuses on advancing employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in the United States and around the world. Since 2010, together with our strategic partners, we have equipped more than 800,000 people with the skills to get a job or build a business. By the end of fiscal 2020, we will equip 3 million people globally with workplace and entrepreneurial skills.

Skills to Succeed has captured the imagination of our people and mobilized our strategic nonprofit partners. Thanks to their passion and dedication, we have accomplished more than we ever thought possible, and we continue to focus on driving measurable impact and achieving scale through technology and collaboration. In addition, we are expanding our role as a convener by collaborating with our clients, nonprofit partners and other institutions to achieve our shared goals. We are actively working to bring together our clients who are interested in contributing toward the issues of employability and entrepreneurship with our strategic partners to make a greater impact.

Since fiscal 2011, Accenture and the Accenture Foundations have contributed more than US$220 million to support our corporate citizenship efforts, including Skills to Succeed, through cash as well as pro bono contributions of time and Accenture employee skills.

Focus Areas
Focus Areas
Learn about the focus areas of our US Corporate Citizenship program.

In the United States and around the world, people lack skills to meet the demands of today’s workforce. This creates a talent gap for new entrants to the workforce and for adults at varying stages of their professional lives.

Accenture conducted research to understand this issue and found that this talent gap leads to: difficult transitions from academic or vocational training to first employment; increasing underemployment and unemployment due to sector shifts and extended periods for reintegration into the workforce; higher than average non-participation in the workforce for young adults, people with disabilities, women and immigrant workers; and a shortage of workers with specialized skills to work in top-growth industries.

We shaped our Corporate Citizenship program in the United States to help address these challenges, focusing our Skills to Succeed efforts on three key areas: preparing young adults to enter the workforce, reskilling individuals for new opportunities and helping entrepreneurs start or build a business.


Strategic Partners
Strategic Partners
Learn about how we are delivering impact through our relationships with strategic partners.

Our ability to make an impact through Skills to Succeed is directly tied to our relationships with strategic partners. We work closely with global, national and local nonprofit organizations who share our passion for building skills, and together we strive to make a sustainable difference in the economic resilience and self-sufficiency of individuals, families and communities.

Choosing the right strategic partners is vital to the success of our efforts. We select partners that share our goals, provide holistic solutions, focus on outcomes, can fully leverage our services and resources and have a broad geographic reach that allows our employees to be involved.

Read about the impact we’re making through Skills to Succeed initiatives in the United States.

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Skills to Succeed, the focus of Accenture's Corporate Citizenship and CSR efforts, aims to equip 500,000 people globally by 2015 with workplace and entrepreneurial skills.
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