Environmental Stewardship
in the United States

"Our people in the United States and around the world are the driving force behind our environmental strategy. From choosing to telecommute to leveraging collaboration technologies, our employees’ eco-smart work practices are helping us reduce our environmental footprint and making a positive difference for the environment."

Kristin Slattery, Managing Director – Geographic Services, North America
Our Approach
Our Approach
Learn about how we are fostering environmentally sustainable growth for our company and our stakeholders.

Climate change and environmental sustainability present challenges and opportunities for Accenture and our stakeholders. To address these, we are committed to incorporating leading environmental practices into our business strategy and operations and to fostering environmental awareness and responsibility among our employees, clients and suppliers.


Our environmental strategy comprises four areas: running efficient operations; working sustainably; enabling client sustainability; and providing insights to advance sustainability. Accountability for our environmental strategy starts with our Chairman & CEO and cascades through our business, to our Chief Leadership Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Global Geographic Services Managing Director and their respective teams across Corporate Citizenship, Workplace Solutions and Environmental Operations.


Environmental stewardship is ingrained in our Code of Business Ethics and our core values, specifically Stewardship. These inform our Environmental Responsibility Policy, which our Environment Steering Group (ESG) established in 2007, updated in 2014, and reviews annually.


Read about the four areas of our environmental strategy.


Learn more about our environmental stewardship initiatives in action in the United States.


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In the US and around the world, climate change and environmental sustainability present new challenges for Accenture's environmental stewardship efforts.
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