Environmental Stewardship
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"Our people in the United States and around the world are the driving force behind our environmental strategy. From choosing to telecommute to leveraging collaboration technologies, our employees’ eco-smart work practices are helping us reduce our environmental footprint and making a positive difference for the environment."

Kristin Slattery, Managing Director – Geographic Services, North America
Our Approach
Our Approach
Learn about how we are fostering environmentally sustainable growth for our company and our stakeholders.

Our efforts to ensure sustainable growth span our entire operations, from how we run our business to the services we provide our clients to how we engage with our employees and suppliers. Fostering sustainable growth for our company and our stakeholders underpins our environmental strategy, which comprises: running efficient operations; working sustainably; enabling client sustainability; and providing insights to advance sustainability.

Environmental stewardship is ingrained in our Code of Business Ethics and our core values, specifically Stewardship. Working closely with our global network of employees, clients and suppliers, we are on a relentless journey toward more sustainable operations and a smaller environmental footprint.

Running Efficient Operations
Running Efficient Operations

Learn about how we are growing our business on an environmentally sustainable basis.

More than 80 percent of Accenture's environmental footprint consists of carbon emissions generated from air travel and electricity, and we are committed to addressing both of these areas.

Globally, we have reduced our per employee carbon emissions by more than 36 percent against our fiscal 2007 baseline—from an average of 4.0 to 2.6 metric tons of CO2 per employee. This reduction is equal to avoiding nearly 1.5 million metric tons of CO2. Notably, we achieved these results in the same period in which we increased our headcount by more than 100,000 employees, or approximately 60 percent.

We recognize that the need to travel by air for client work is often difficult to forecast, which may lead to year-over-year fluctuations in our total carbon emissions performance. Therefore, we will continue to pursue our current target of achieving a 35 percent reduction in per employee emissions by the end of fiscal 2015. We remain focused on growing our business in an environmentally responsible way, by coordinating efforts closely with our global network of employees, clients and suppliers.

Ensuring the proper disposal of electronic waste by managing our equipment through its life cycle and partnering with responsible disposal vendors is also important. In fiscal 2012, we tracked the disposal or reuse of more than 58,000 laptop and desktop computers worldwide. Approximately 99 percent of these were repurposed or disposed of in a method avoiding landfill.

We make transparency and accountability priorities, reporting annually to the United Nations Global Compact, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Dow Jones Sustainability Index and FTSE4Good Index. Since 2007 we have reported annually on our environmental performance to CDP's Climate Change program. We capture our environmental risks, opportunities and methodologies in our CDP response. In 2013, Accenture was included for the fifth consecutive year among the CDP Global 500, receiving a score of 92 out of 100 and a performance score of B. We have also been included on the Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index and FTSE4Good Global Index since 2005, and we have been a member of the FTSE4Good Global 100 since 2012.

Working Sustainably
Working Sustainably

Learn about how we engage our employees in growing our business sustainably.

Business travel continues to be an important part of our delivery model. When appropriate, we team with clients to implement smart work and alternative travel arrangements, so we can stay connected and deliver value with maximum efficiency.

Virtual collaboration has become the norm within Accenture, allowing our employees in the United States to interact seamlessly with colleagues and clients wherever they may be located. Our Smart Work program—which promotes flexible work options—and investments in collaborative technologies are helping us reduce the environmental impacts and costs associated with business travel. These actions have helped our employees work effectively with a reduced need for travel, and they generated reductions in per employee carbon emissions from air travel during fiscal 2013 by more than 5 percent, compared to fiscal 2012.

All Accenture people are connected with Microsoft® Lync®, a communication and collaboration platform, which enables our people to interact as if they were in the same office. Our employees around the world currently log more than 43 million video conferencing minutes per year.

Our people embrace our commitment to the environment and enthusiastically drive our efforts and adoption of eco-smart work practices locally. We have 27 eco teams in the United States and more than 300 eco teams globally, made up of approximately 4,000 employee volunteers.

Annually, we celebrate Earth Day and World Environment Day with eco-related activities. For the past two years, in the United States and Canada, employees competed in our Travel Smart Challenge and came up with creative ways to reduce their travel-related carbon footprint.

Enabling Client Sustainability
Enabling Client Sustainability

Learn about how we are helping clients on their sustainability journey.

We are committed to helping forward-thinking organizations position sustainability as a lever to long-term success. While striving for positive economic, environmental and social impacts, we help clients leverage their assets and capabilities to drive innovation and profitable growth.

We invest in technologies and solutions—including intelligent infrastructure, cloud computing and smart grid solutions—that we believe will help both drive our clients' growth and meet climate change objectives. In fiscal 2013, we invested $715 million in research and development globally to help create, commercialize and disseminate innovative business strategies and technology solutions.

Providing Insights to Advance Sustainability
Providing Insights to Advance Sustainability

Learn more about how we are contributing to the overall environmental agenda in collaboration with other businesses and organizations.

Accenture remains involved in the development of private-sector partnerships to create energy-access initiatives. We are a founding member of the Green Growth Action Alliance, a World Economic Forum initiative that supports environmentally and economically sustainable growth, and our Chairman & CEO is an executive board member.

Accenture also has a long-standing relationship with CDP as its Global Implementation Partner, helping expand the organization's reach and make robust and meaningful data available to corporations and other stakeholders as they strive to reduce their carbon footprints.

Learn more about our environmental stewardship initiatives in action in the United States.

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In the US and around the world, climate change and environmental sustainability present new challenges for Accenture's environmental stewardship efforts.
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