The Louvre Museum—France

The Louvre Museum and Accenture collaborate to develop new technological programs to offer the Louvre's visitors an enhanced, personalized learning experience.

Since 2001, Accenture has collaborated with Louvre Museum to develop new technological programs designed to support the Louvre’s initiatives to spread culture, enhance its image and reach new segments of the public. With the use of new mobile and interactive technology, the Louvre offers its visitors an enhanced and personalized learning experience.


This association with the Louvre is another example of how Accenture’s technological innovations help individuals and organizations achieve high-performance results.

For over a decade, Accenture’s continued support of the Louvre Museum underscores its long-standing commitment to corporate citizenship.

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The Louvre Museum—France 
Since 2001, Accenture has been in a sponsorship relationship with the world-famous Louvre Museum in Paris.
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