Corporate Governance

Strong corporate governance is critical to the long-term creation of stakeholder value at Accenture. This section of our website provides an introduction to our approach to corporate governance, including access to our key guiding principles and documents, and introduces our board of directors and board committees.
Corporate Governance
Governance Principles
Accenture's Corporate Governance Guidelines describe the functions, composition and performance of the board of directors, including its committees and operations.
Board of Directors
The board of directors provides governance and oversight regarding the strategy, operations and management of Accenture.
Board Committees
Accenture's board of directors has four standing committees.
Board Committee Composition
View the committees on which each member of Accenture's board of directors serves.
The Accenture Code of Business Ethics
Our Code of Business Ethics, available in 16 languages, emphasizes critical areas particular to our organization and business model while highlighting aspects of conduct that are imperative for all employees. Key sections address clients and the marketplace; professional conduct; and our role as local and global citizens.


The Accenture Standards of Federal Business Ethics and Conduct, which supplement the Accenture Code of Business Ethics, set forth the requirements that must be complied with whenever work for a US federal government client is performed.


The Accenture Supplier Standards of Conduct, which supplement our Code of Business Ethics, set forth the standards and practices that Accenture suppliers are required to uphold.

Political Contributions and Lobbying Policy
Accenture is committed to being an active corporate citizen in the global community. We also encourage our employees to be active in civic and community activities, including by participating in the political and democratic process.
Governance FAQ
Read answers to frequently asked questions about Accenture governance.
Shareholder Principles
Accenture's board of directors believes it is essential that shareholders of the company are treated fairly and have appropriate access to the company and recourse against the company.
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Corporate Governance - Accenture 
Strong corporate governance is critical to the long-term creation of stakeholder value at Accenture.
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