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Skills to Succeed, Accenture’s corporate citizenship initiative, helps address the global need for skills that open doors to employment and economic opportunity. It does this by drawing on two of Accenture’s unique capabilities: training talent and convening powerful partnerships to develop collaborative solutions. Together with our strategic partners, we have equipped more than half a million people with the skills to get a job or build a business—more than doubling the impact we set out to achieve when we announced our Skills to Succeed goal in 2010.

We are equipping more than 700,000 people around the world with the skills to get a job or build a business.

We team with global and local nonprofit organizations that share our passion for building skills, bring rigor and discipline to measuring program outcomes and comprise a footprint that enables our people to engage and make a difference. Together we are supporting robust and structured programs that make a significant change in participants’ marketable skills.

Read the following summaries for information about our partners. Also, view the Skills to Succeed Impact Map to learn more about our global impact through these partnerships.

African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF)African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) (Kenya) With AMREF, we have developed an e-learning platform to train nurses to achieve registered status in a fraction of the time required via traditional methods.

AshokaAshoka (Europe) We are helping Ashoka support its network of entrepreneurs, who develop innovative and sustainable solutions to address social issues such as education and unemployment. We are working to expand Ashoka's operations and helping them design innovative business models for these entrepreneurs.

Association for Aid and ReliefAssociation for Aid and Relief (AARJ) (Japan) We are supporting AARJ to help the organization provide vocational training, business skills and suitable job placements to more than 2,700 persons with disabilities.

Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF)Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF)  (Canada) We are working with CYBF to help mentor more than 2,000 entrepreneurs to build and scale sustainable businesses across Canada. The project will create an online mentoring orientation program, which will upgrade the skill sets of the mentors and the mentees.

ConcernConcern  (Zambia and Malawi) We are supporting Concern to implement sustainable farming training programs for local communities in Zambia and Malawi. The project will train poor farmers in conservation agriculture techniques, enabling them to gain the skills necessary to achieve food security and produce a surplus that can be marketed.

ConexaoConexão (Brazil) We are working with Conexão to help disadvantaged people join the world of work by providing professional training and job search support and also by providing small social businesses with valuable business mentoring.

EnablisEnablis (Kenya and Tanzania) We are supporting Enablis in expanding its operations across Africa, thereby enabling the organization to equip and support more entrepreneurs to run successful businesses.

Fundación EntreculturasFundación Entreculturas (Latin America) Through Fundación Entreculturas, we are training large numbers of students, teachers and members of the community to enhance their IT skills and increase their job prospects across Latin America.

Harold P. Freeman Patient Navigation Institute (PNI)Harold P. Freeman Patient Navigation Institute (PNI) (United States) We are supporting PNI to roll out a patient navigator selection, skills-building and job readiness program in 35 locations across the United States. We are enabling the organization to train and mentor 7,500 new patient navigators who in turn help people access timely medical diagnosis and treatment.

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent SocietiesInternational Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (China, Haiti, Peru and the Philippines) We are helping the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies increase its ability to support vulnerable people, enabling them—in the wake of disasters and more generally—to secure livelihoods and play a part in the economy.

Junior Achievement: Young Enterprise of EuropeJunior Achievement Young Enterprise (JA-YE) (Europe) We are working with JA-YE to provide innovative education programs to train young people in employability, entrepreneurship and economics in a practical way. Our program, "Enterprise without Borders," encourages student companies to collaborate and conduct business across borders.

Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP)Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) (United States) We are working with KIPP to create the Future Focus program, which will deliver skills training, mentoring and internships to nearly 7,000 students across the KIPP network over a period of three years.

NetHopeNetHope (Haiti, Rwanda, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa) We are working with NetHope to develop and provide IT skills internships to local students so they can secure jobs with nonprofits and others working to develop the country.

OxfamOxfam (Ethiopia, India and Tanzania) We are teaming with Oxfam to help rural producers gain access to new markets that will generate more value from local supply chains and secure enhanced economic opportunities.

Passerelles NumériquesPasserelles Numériques (Philippines) We are working with the French organization Passerelles Numériques, helping underprivileged Filipino students build the skills they need to obtain IT technician jobs and break the cycle of poverty.

Plan InternationalPlan International (India, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam) We are supporting Plan International's work to provide training and career opportunities in industries such as information technology, customer relations, business process outsourcing and electronic repair to approximately 7,100 underprivileged young people in Thailand and Indonesia and approximately 3,500 in India and Vietnam.

QUEST AllianceQUEST Alliance (India) We are working with QUEST Alliance to help the organization provide approximately 3,000 disadvantaged young people with career and workplace skills.

Save the ChildrenSave the Children (China, Egypt, Indonesia and the Philippines) In China, we are teaming with Save the Children to provide migrant young people in Shanghai and Beijing with vocational and life skills, and in Egypt, Indonesia and the Philippines, we are helping to provide approximately 7,000 disadvantaged and at-risk young people with vocational and life skills that assist them in securing lasting employment.

VSOVSO (Africa, Latin America and South East Asia) In addition to helping VSO address poverty in developing countries by providing volunteers, we financially support its "Secure Livelihoods" program. This program aims to create sustainable income—generating opportunities for poor communities, increasing understanding about markets and improving the support available to marginalized groups.

World Education AustraliaWorld Education Australia (Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines and Timor Leste) We are working with World Education Australia to help poor rural communities break the cycle of poverty and environmental degradation through training in business management, literacy and numeracy, awareness of environmentally sustainable farming practices and access to finance for starting businesses or purchasing equipment needed to generate income.

Youth Business International (YBI)Youth Business International (YBI) (Global) We are working with YBI to provide its global network with tools, funding, mentoring and training to help disadvantaged young people become successful business entrepreneurs. Through our support, YBI and its members have equipped almost 45,000 young entrepreneurs with skills, access to finance and the mentoring needed to build and sustain their businesses, and we hope to reach an additional 30,000 by 2015. Read the credential and watch the video.

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