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Transparency and accountability are priorities for Accenture. We publish a Corporate Citizenship Report each year, which serves as our Communication on Progress to the United Nations Global Compact and complements our annual reporting to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, FTSE4Good Index and CDP. We use Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 Guidelines as a foundation for our reporting approach.
2014 Corporate Citizenship Report
2014 Corporate Citizenship Report
Learn more about our latest report, “Making a Measurable Difference,” published in March 2015. It explores our goals, progress and performance across our global operations during fiscal 2014.

Our 2014 Corporate Citizenship Report, “Making a Measurable Difference,” details the impact we made across each of the five pillars of our corporate citizenship reporting strategy: Corporate Governance, Skills to Succeed, Environment, Our People and Supply Chain. The report also announces a series of 2020 goals and highlights our efforts to collaborate with others to improve the way the world works and lives.

Together with our strategic partners, we will equip more than 3 million people with the skills to get a job or build a business by the end of fiscal 2020 through our Skills to Succeed initiative. As a part of this, we will increase our focus on the successful transition of individuals from skill-building programs to sustainable jobs and businesses, and bring together more organizations across sectors to create large scale, lasting solutions aimed at closing global unemployment gaps.

Also by the end of fiscal 2020, we will reduce our per employee carbon emissions by more than 50 percent against our fiscal 2007 baseline, and begin to measure and report the impact of our sustainability initiatives with clients and suppliers. Through our carbon reduction initiatives, we have avoided approximately 2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide between fiscal 2007 and 2014.

Read the 2014 Corporate Citizenship Report.

Our Performance Reporting Approach
Reporting Approach
Learn more about Accenture's reporting approach.

We continually take steps to strengthen our reporting approach through continued stakeholder engagement and adherence to various global reporting standards.

  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

    We use Global Reporting Initiative G3 Guidelines as a foundation for our reporting approach and self-declare our 2014 Corporate Citizenship Report at Application Level B, as checked by GRI. View our GRI index.

  • CDP

    We continue to be transparent in reporting our environmental performance by responding to CDP annually—specifically, to its Investor Program since 2007 and its Supply Chain Program since 2009. Read our 2014 CDP response.

  • Performance Metrics

    A number of Accenture teams recommend the performance metrics and goals provided in our 2014 Corporate Citizenship Report. We vet the information with an internal controls process, including senior leadership, to ensure it provides a meaningful and balanced representation of Accenture's non-financial performance.

    Our reported carbon data is prepared using methods based on the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, the most widely used international accounting tool for government and business leaders to understand, quantify and manage greenhouse gas emissions. Accenture is a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, one of the founding partners of the GHG Protocol.

    For our fiscal 2014 carbon emissions data, an independent third party provided a limited assurance review of our corporate GHG emissions inventory in accordance with the ISO 14064-3 International Standard, and issued a positive assurance statement.

United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)
United Nations Global Compact
Learn more about Accenture’s commitment to the UN Global Compact’s 10 principles.

Our 2014 Corporate Citizenship Report serves as our sixth Communication on Progress to the UN Global Compact, which we signed in 2008, and it documents our progress as a member of Global Compact LEAD, which focuses on raising sustainability performance. As a LEAD member since 2011—and one of the inaugural 50—we are committed to work toward implementing the Blueprint for Corporate Sustainability Leadership and sharing related outcomes and learnings with the broader universe of companies in the Global Compact.

In addition to being a signatory of the UN Global Compact, Accenture also supports the UNIFEM (part of UN Women) and UN Global Compact Women's Empowerment Principles. In fiscal 2010, we signed the Women’s Empowerment Principles CEO Statement of Support. These principles provide a set of considerations to help the private sector focus on key elements that are integral to promoting gender equality in the workplace, marketplace and community.

Further, Accenture plays a leadership role in the UN Secretary General’s Initiative, Sustainable Energy for All. Also, in 2013, Accenture was once again selected to conduct the UN Global Compact’s triennial CEO study, the world’s largest CEO study on sustainability.

Read more about our progress toward addressing the 10 principles in our latest UN Global Compact Index.

Stakeholder Engagement
Stakeholder Engagement
Learn more about Accenture's stakeholder engagement.

Fostering a dialogue with key stakeholders is an important part of our reporting process. We actively engage internal and external stakeholders in discussions regarding our goals, our progress and our performance in an effort to improve our reporting.

Internally, our stakeholder engagement process is driven by a Transparency Steering Group—a cross-functional team of Accenture Leaders who inform and advise our non-financial reporting from their specific area of expertise. Externally, we engage with representatives of clients and nonprofit partners who provide input on potential improvements to our report to further meet their expectations. Learn more about our stakeholder engagement and how it helped focus the content of our 2014 Corporate Citizenship Report.

Report Archive
Report Archive
Access our Corporate Citizenship Reports and updates to the UN Global Compact.

2014 Corporate Citizenship Report
Published March 2015

2012–2013 Corporate Citizenship Report
Published March 2014

2012 UN Global Compact Communication on Progress
Published March 2013
[PDF, 1MB]

2010-2011 Corporate Citizenship Report
Published March 2012

2010 UN Global Compact Communication on Progress
Published March 2011
[PDF, 770KB]

2008-2009 Corporate Citizenship Report
Published March 2010
[PDF, 4.5MB]


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