Communities and Giving

Accenture employees demonstrate energy, enthusiasm and passion for making a difference in the lives of others. They give back regularly to people around the globe, and we help them maximize the impact of their personal contributions by providing convenient channels through which to offer time, services, financial assistance or a combination of these to help their communities.

 Programs & Initiatives

Programs & Initiatives
Learn more about how Accenture and our people contribute to communities around the world.

Accenture Development Partnerships provides another way our people give back to the community. This pioneering "corporate social enterprise" employs a not-for-profit business model that makes Accenture’s core skills and assets accessible to the international development sector. Its goal is to help strengthen organizations and build growth markets from within.

Our people also work on long-term volunteer assignments with VSO, an organization that fights poverty in developing countries.

Disaster Relief
Disaster Relief
Learn more about how we help not only in the immediate aftermath of humanitarian disasters, but also in longer-term reconstruction efforts.

Since its inception, Accenture and its people have demonstrated the Accenture Way with their generosity and compassion for individuals and communities in need and have partnered with relief agencies not only in the immediate aftermath of humanitarian disasters, but also in longer-term reconstruction efforts.

We pledge our support to rebuilding efforts and to helping our employees direct their contributions to appropriate organizations and relief funds as well as provide pro bono services, cash grants and skills volunteering on a regular and ongoing basis.

Further, as part of our Skills to Succeed focus, we look for opportunities where we can help make a sustainable difference to the long-term economic vitality and resilience of individuals, families and communities around the world.

For example, globally, our people contributed more than US$700,000 to the Philippine Red Cross and other charities providing local relief following Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines—a country where we have a significant footprint. All in, Accenture mobilized more than US$2 million in cash and pro bono contributions to support the long-term reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts required to help communities to rebuild through skills development and economic activity.

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Accenture's people demonstrate energy, enthusiasm and passion for helping others through Accenture's numerous community and giving programs.
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