The Accenture Technology Vision – An Introduction 
Published: Feb-15-10


Each year, the Accenture Technology Labs creates and distributes a Technology Vision: our analysis of emerging trends and major technological changes that could have a significant business impact on Accenture and its clients in the next three to five years. High-performance businesses use the Vision to help understand potential opportunities—and challenges—that lie ahead.

The 2010 Vision builds on last year’s conceptions of an elastic world in which business capabilities—infrastructure, people and thoughts—can be expanded or contracted on demand.  For this year, we explore seven technology trends that will help define how this new, elastic world begins to take shape over the next decade.

Since its inception 3 years ago, the Technology Vision has provided Accenture with a platform for conversations with clients.  And it’s also been part of our innovation message for the larger technology and business press.  This year, with the start of the Technology Labs blog, we’ll have a platform for taking the Vision to a much larger potential audience.  That’s right – this IS an external-facing blog!    So . . .

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Over the next two weeks, we’ll take a tour through all seven of this year’s Vision topics:

Cloud Computing

The Web




System Development


The Vision is created by the Accenture Technology Labs and Accenture’s Chief Scientist, Kishore Swaminathan.  Other members of the Vision team are Brandon Harvey, Renee Byrnes, and Julie Stibich. 


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