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Published: Dec-02-11
It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone. And when it comes to campus recruiting we are in the midst of it. We have been to multiple campuses across the US and have seen some great resumes.  So what differentiates a good resume amongst so many others?  As you can imagine being a recruiter for a large organization like Accenture we see hundreds of resumes a day. And instead of me telling you how to format a resume, I would rather discuss what you should be doing during your time in college to really set you a part.
College is a time to explore your options; you have a lot of possibilities and can really set your goals as high as you want. If you want to start your week off at 8am on Monday morning, you can. I think while I was in school, my weeks started closer to 10am, but that’s the thing, there is so much flexibility.
What does a leading consulting, technology and outsourcing firm like Accenture look for? My entry-level consulting recruiter colleagues and I realize that as a student, you have a lot of options, so what we want to see is that you take advantage of these possibilities. We like to see that you can balance everything. Once you start a full time career you could be wearing multiple hats right away. A high GPA is always good on a resume, but if you only went to class and focused all of your time on getting high grades, sometimes that leaves you less time for other things like being involved with organizations on campus or even being a leader within those groups or organizations, which can really set you a part. Working at the local coffee shop, while being involved in multiple organizations and maintaining a good GPA, demonstrates that you can balance. So go ahead and get involved, take on roles that challenge you and try new things.
Hi Jennifer, Listening to you emphasizing about a GPA is scaring me slightly. I have worked all throughout my college career so that I could pay for my education. But all of my careers were in professional settings, one of which was a telecommunication corporation for the last two years. My GPA is definitely below a 3.0 but I have the work experience to show that I am hardworking, learn quickly, and dedicate myself to my work. Is there anyway for a company like Accenture to notice me?
Nitya   |   Apr-29-12   |  06:07 PM
Hi Jennifer, What are some pointers for MBA students graduating this year? My school does not have a campus recruiting relationship with Accenture. I am currently applying to various consulting firms but I want to stand out from other candidates. Could you give any suggestions?
Jenn   |   Mar-20-12   |  09:35 PM
•Alexander – A cover letter is good opportunity to share additional context and supporting information to expand upon what is included in your resume. •Ashley – Experience, extra-curricular activities, awards, etc. are all important to include. Where you can, I recommend you focus on outcomes and key accomplishments. •Augustina – Please visit and search by keyword ‘intern’ to see a listing of any current internship opportunities.
Jennifer   |   Mar-20-12   |  02:15 PM
Hi Jennifer. Is Accenture currently accepting applications for internship. If yes are they looking at particular schools?
Augustina   |   Feb-26-12   |  10:44 AM
Hi Jennifer, This blog really hit home! Just what I needed to hear for that boost out of the job search slump. I was involved in so much while in college, worked two jobs, and still maintained a high GPA...but my dilema lies within my resume. I graduated about 8 months ago and I have played with my resume a dozen times with no luck in the job market. What is more important to recruiters, specifically with Accenture, in terms of experience? Work experience, activities, organizations, awards... I know education is on the top of my resume, but what should be next? There is so much to cram on to one little page. Thanks! Ashley
Ashley   |   Jan-17-12   |  10:51 AM
Hi Jennifer, You've mentioned a high GPA as a strong characteristic and I wondered if you could give some insight on how to get attention with a low overall GPA. My overall GPA is a 3.1, which is not entirely impressive, and I feel when I have to report this I generally get ignored by recruiters. However, the first two years of my collegiate career were marked by adjusting to the college life while coping with a number of family health issues. Over the course of my Junior and Senior year I averaged a 3.45 GPA, which I think is much more demonstrative of my talents. I also accomplished this while adding a Neuroscience minor, taking more advanced classes, taking on more responsibilities at my work study, becoming more involved in organizations, and becoming captain of the Varsity Cross Country team. So you can see my frustration when the forms in Taleo ask only for the overall GPA which is a big indicator of the success of a recent graduate. Do you have any suggestions on how I might get get attention without violating the 'acknowledgement that these answers are true'?
Alexander   |   Jan-04-12   |  12:36 PM
Great question Benjamin, when it comes to extra curricular activities, both are important, but what you did is what we will most likely probe more into during an interview, and if we see that you were a leader or played more substantial role, within an organization, this only makes you stand out more.
Jennifer   |   Dec-12-11   |  02:20 AM
In regards to extra curricular activities, are recruiters more interested in what you did or what you learned?
Benjamin   |   Dec-06-11   |  11:57 AM

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