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Published: Jul-01-11
It’s hard as a gainfully employed candidate to honor your commitment to your current employer and look for another job. It’s not uncommon for candidates to respond to me once they are off from work, on the weekends or during their lunch break. In fact, most of my initial candidate interviews take place first thing in the morning or after 4pm in the evening. I try to be as flexible as possible because although it might not seem so, every interview or step in the application process is important, including your initial screening with the recruiter.
Sometimes candidates cram in their phone interviews during their commute, or when they are in a noisy office. This is not a good idea. Ask your recruiter for time when you can arrange to be in a quiet room, wholly devoting your attention to the interview. It’s important to treat a phone interview with the same importance as if you were giving an in-person interview.
Some of the worst places to conduct a phone interview include: in a moving car, train or bus, in your kitchen while making dinner (or picking up around your house), a busy lunch room or airport. It’s hard to focus on just the questions your interviewer is asking and all these places/activities are noisy. It may also be difficult to answer personal questions during this time. Feel free to return phone calls in any of these places just ensure you aren’t in an interview.
What are some great places for phone interviews? A quiet, noise-free place where you can focus on the interview is best. Your car, for example would be a good place to give a phone interview during your lunch break if you simply sit in your car and don’t drive anywhere. The reception is much better and the noise factor isn’t an issue.
Hi, Am ex-employee of accenture. I want to get back to accenture. kindly help. thxn,
Gangadhar   |   Jul-10-12   |  01:10 AM
I am a QA Lead and having 3 years of the usa experience. i am much more interested to work with this company.
Aarzoo   |   Dec-20-11   |  08:15 PM
hi iwas intrest to the accenture technical
p.raghavender goud   |   Oct-21-11   |  10:31 AM

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