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Published: Jun-30-11
Hello out there – I am SO sorry that I have been missing in action for a while. I returned to work a few weeks ago after maternity leave, and am finally able to get back to blogging. For those of you that I haven’t ‘virtually’ met yet, I am part of Accenture’s entry-level recruiting team for our consulting workforce and have primary responsibility for recruiting for our offices in California and Phoenix, as well as managing the relationship with Duke University. I am also the US Intern Program lead. 
Needless to say, summer is a busy time for me. First I’ll start with my ‘day job’ – location and Duke University recruiter. One would think that this is a relatively quiet time for a campus recruiter, with students being gone for the summer, but that’s not the case! I am busily working with my campus contacts to get our fall events planned. This means everything from a classic career fair, to a case competition, to a workshop with the Society for Women Engineers. To provide a little advice for those of you getting ready to enter your senior year, I would encourage you to use this summer to get your job search ducks in a row. You can see one of my earlier posts about prepping your resume and cover letter. Don’t forget to utilize your career center and you can even preview which companies are coming to your campus for interviews in the coming months! Trust me, once you get back to school this fall, the job search process will be relentless and you will appreciate having gotten some things done in advance.
The other thing keeping me hopping is running our internship program for the US. At Accenture, we provide interns with a 10-12 week, real-life consulting project experience, plus some extracurricular learning, networking and social events. I feel that we give students a realistic example of ‘life at Accenture’. We've lined up some interns to blog about their summer experience – and those of you that are underclassmen and interested in Accenture – I would strongly encourage you to check out our Consulting Intern Blog and internship page. Also if you are a freshman or sophomore, let me make some recommendations of what you can do to prepare yourself for a professional (and consulting) internship later in your college career:
  1. Look for ‘consulting’ type opportunities on your campus. Whether that’s a class you can take or a club you can join, getting exposure to consulting and some experience under your belt is helpful!
  2. Use your career center. They will gladly help underclassmen too – and they often have companies coming to them looking for unpaid interns or volunteers to help with specific projects. 
  3. Think about what you like to do or what you want to do when you “grow up”, and break that into specific skills. Look for a summer job that might give you access to build those skills. For example, if you think you want to work in computer science, look for a job programming, working with a professor in the CS department, or with a local company that wants to build some technology capability. Even if your summer job isn’t exactly what you want to do longer term, it’s a great chance to build specific skills!
Hi- I'm looking for the best contact for a representative to speak to me about attending our Health IT Fair at the University of North Carolina! Thanks!
Heather Lewis   |   May-01-12   |  02:39 PM

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