Spring Time 
Published: May-04-11
Spring has officially arrived in Minneapolis. Teenage boys are starting to wear shorts and you can hear the ice crackle and melt out on Lake Harriet. I love outdoor activities and couldn’t wait to go on my first spring time walk this past Sunday. I was overjoyed to not have to worry about work, cleaning, errands or an impending test. This happens to be a rare treat for me. 
As I walked the three miles around Lake Harriet I let my mind run over all that has happened in the past few months. It’s been tough going at work. Not because Accenture has treated me unfairly or I have had a bad manager. Accenture has given me many tools for success but my toughest obstacle involved delivering excellent work in a very short amount of time. Due to several underlying circumstances I have had to switch projects constantly. This is fairly typical of consulting work but doesn’t happen as often in recruitment.
It’s so easy to become discouraged, walk away and look for another job, stop working as hard or even bring negative energy to other colleagues. I wanted to do all those things, so badly some days. Just when I had adjusted to one project and was starting to deliver new joiners or thinking of process improvements another team would call on me for help. I would panic to my career counselor, call my husband in a fury of frustration and permit change to overwhelm me momentarily. After a good night’s rest, I would wake up and decide to have a positive attitude. I would help the new team out as much as I could and give it my all. I am so relieved that I didn’t let me emotions get in the way of my career. I would’ve regretted bringing other teammates down with my negativity, not doing my best work or leaving to work for another employer. I toughed it out and was able to deliver some pretty amazing things for Accenture recruiting. One great example is a special project I worked on with one of my teammates. Our relationship had been rocky at best but because we were asked to work together again, we resolved to show more respect for each other’s opinion, and in time, it turned into a great relationship. We filled up the candidate pipeline with stellar applicants and I learned how to brush up on my reporting and SharePoint skills. 
It’s difficult to tough things out. I would encourage everyone to try to stay put before running out on your current employer. Accenture consulting recruiters, as a general rule, don’t like to see frequent job hopping on a resume. While current economic circumstances may affect it (and we take that into account when viewing your resume) stay if you can.
Many years ago, I taught Sunday School with a woman from my church. I thought she was too controlling and never let our class have much fun. The elementary school kids would be bouncing off their chairs and fidgeting, I would suggest a few minutes outside and she would turn me down. It was so discouraging! There wasn’t too much I could do but wait it out and try to see things from her perspective. It’s so important to prove yourself and add value to situations. If I had argued with my co-teacher at every turn, she would think I was argumentative. Instead, I kept my good name intact and asked for my own class the following year. I am also on good terms with the woman I taught with. Something I will never, never regret.
Whether it’s a complicated relationship with your manager, discouraging work or low pay, Accenture recruiters love to hear how you dealt with things that were not great and how you made a difference for your organization, no matter how seemingly small. We look for a go get ‘em attitude.

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