Tech Vision 2013: Every life sciences business is a digital business (Part 1 of 8) 
Published: Aug-06-13

As life sciences companies focus on improving patient outcomes, a higher order of thinking—a digital mindset—will separate tomorrow’s most able organizations from their lesser rivals. With technology now intertwined with every aspect of business, digital efforts will be the key to how life sciences companies innovate and grow.

Each year, Accenture's Technology Vision identifies the top emerging technology trends that hold the most potential to transform businesses over the next three to five years. Understanding these changes in technology is no longer just the role of IT, nor is it only important in certain industries, that's because "every business is a now a digital business."

Accenture's Tech Vision 2013 for Life Sciences describes the seven key technology trends that should be central to a digital mindset:

  • Relationships at scale
  • Design for analytics
  • Data velocity
  • Seamless collaboration
  • Beyond the cloud
  • Software-defined networking
  • Active defense

Over the coming weeks I’ll explore each of these areas in more detail and examine how life sciences companies can leverage these trends to shape their digital business for the future.

To learn more in the meantime, download Accenture Technology Vision 2013: Every Life Sciences Business Is a Digital Business.


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