Home Again 
Published: Sep-14-10

After two months of regular travel, I almost miss the smells of the airport and the ritual of travel.




My latest work is expanding my expertise in Project Management - something I enjoy greatly - while allowing me to sleep in my own bed at night. Though the subject matter still deals with data center, I am far from the server-by-server analysis of previous projects. Accenture provides a great deal of internal training and education, helping us develop deep skill sets, but there is no greater teacher than experience. I still cringe as I recall fumbling through the technical acronyms on my first project; even my title, "ITSM Analyst," was a new combination.


As my next door neighbors packed up backpacks and lunches to send the children off to a new school year, I cleaned out my briefcase and hard drive, filled my coffee mug, and headed to a new site. Each client is a strange new world with special naming conventions and processes – part of the challenge of consulting. We bring our experience but keep our ears open as we adapt and learn. My first step was to seek out the coffee machine, but only VERY shortly after did I dive in to the megabytes of documentation to bring me up to speed with the project. With a new heap of data, an analyst’s work can feel like the mighty rock of Sisyphus, but by expanding our minds to wrap around the rock, it is crushed into the pebbles of a clear project plan, each task a mere stone’s throw from completion.


My suitcase may sit idly in the closet while I am local, but no cobwebs collect in my brain!


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