Getting Involved at Accenture 
Published: Sep-21-09

Like in college, it’s important to get involved in extracurricular activities besides your general work routine. Getting involved with the many organizations available at Accenture is a good way to network. Working for a big organization such as Accenture can make it difficult at times when building your network. At times we get caught up in our immediate world and don’t make time to expand our relationships and knowledge. Accenture has many organizations that employees can get involved in. There is practically some sort of organization or committee for everyone.


Since, I started at Accenture; I joined the diversity recruiting team and have been back to my alma-mater several times. I find it great to go back to my university and recruit its finest candidates to our company. I recently returned from recruiting and had a really good time, as I was able to meet other Accenture employees and network them. I enjoy working with the Analyst Action team to plan happy hours, cultural events, professional workshops, etc. These events are a great work to continue building my network as I navigate through my career at Accenture. I am also part of the Philadelphia’s Communications team and am in charge of writing an article for the newsletter on new hires. This allows me to get in contact with new hires and can build a professional relationship with them.


As I go from project to project, I keep noticing the importance of maintaining a network at Accenture. Having a network allows me to learn about potential projects or professional development opportunities. I strongly recommend those that join Accenture to get involved as this allows you to smoothly navigate through the company.


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