The Best of Both Worlds 
Published: Jul-09-09

After a year of working at local projects, I recently got the opportunity to start traveling to my current project. I always dreamed of having a traveling role and to experience the life as of a traveling. My dream came true and I am now traveling to Washington, DC for my current role. I am based out of the Philadelphia office and like Philadelphia a lot, but I like DC a lot as well. There is nothing better than being in two cities every week. Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to traveling roles, as some like it and others don’t. I really like traveling and enjoy every minute of it.


My team is great to work with and I enjoy going into work every day. Although, traveling can be tiring at times, I have yet to have a day that I do not want to go to work . It is great to be in DC during the week and in Philly during the weekends. I get to spend time with some of my friends in DC during the week and other friends and family during the weekend. Washington, DC is great city as there is so much to do. I couldn’t be happier as I am enjoying my role and am able to continue networking with other Accenture employees.


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