Importance of Team Support 
Published: Jun-07-09

After a year with Accenture and being staffed at my third client something always sticks out in mind about the projects I have worked on – team support. I have been fortunate to have very helpful team members that are always willing to provide me with help and input when needed. When completing important deliverables I always ask my team for their input. I have been working on a large vista implementation at a large pharmaceutical company. My role requires attention to detail, organizational skills, and time management, and I have been able to improve in these areas. I have seen improvement in my performance as I always try my best and think of ways to improve the completion of deliverables. No matter how busy my team members are they always make time to help me.


Recently, I was offered an opportunity to move from program management to a more technical role at another client. This new role is at a large government project in Washington, DC. I feel privileged that my current team is supporting me in moving to another role. I really value their support as this demonstrates that Accenture people will support your goals and aspirations regardless which project you support. I have been doing program management related work for a year now and think now is the best time to move into a role that will further develop my current skill set. Being part of multiple program management teams have allowed be to see how all teams work together to deliver our best to our clients. Thanks to my previous roles, I am now aware of the areas, I would like to explore.


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