Changes in Latitude 
Published: Nov-21-08

Hello and welcome to my first post for Accenture!


As I open my laptop to begin scripting such a historic moment, the setting is all too familiar – flying high above the Appalachian Mountains this early Monday morning en route to my client in St. Louis. The 7:50 a.m. weekly departure from my home in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a flight I’ve taken regularly for the past 11 months – nearly always returning Thursday nights – a duration which begins to seem longer considering I know which airport security lines move the fastest and which seats are the best for a morning snooze.


I feel this is important to note as many consulting analysts at Accenture have experienced a similar beginning to their workweek. As I use this blog to share my experiences in nearly 18 months with the company, one of my goals will be to highlight some of the challenges and sacrifices that lead to enjoying the rewards of working with this company and within this profession. After all, this is an inherent theme of the most demanding jobs in the world, but it’s important to realize which one can also be the most rewarding to you.


For example, the demands of traveling for several days at a time to fulfill one’s professional responsibilities to a client can be considered a small, yet valued sacrifice of spending all one’s time in a home city. While Accenture attempts to staff analysts locally first, many analysts are presented the opportunity to travel and seek roles outside of their surroundings, offering their skills to new client audiences. For me, the continual challenge of adapting and prospering in new environments deeply accelerates career development due to all the intricacies that change can present to a project team. So in reality, the sacrifice is not much more than an opportunity to travel where demand exists for the skills you can acquire while working at Accenture. I believe it’s also a great example of how well this company can mobilize its people across a global network to fulfill demand for resources.


As I’m about to land in St. Louis, it’s amazing to think about the variety of roles I’ve had on this merger integration project. Initially, my role was to devise a retention strategy for our client’s branch network. This summer, I transitioned to a dual role of coordinating the merger's application and systems conversion events -- including ownership of communications upward to senior leadership -- as well as implementing a home office transition plan.


It may seem lengthy these 11 months and counting in St. Louis, but it passes by much sweeter when you have a great group to join you in exploring the city. After work, we’ve spent a good number of nights trying out local eateries, getting cheap tickets to weekly professional baseball and hockey games downtown, visiting the city’s famous Arch and Anheuser-Busch brewery and even setting up a few recreational softball and volleyball teams in the local park and YMCA leagues.


There’s the final call from the attendant to shut down my laptop – until next time


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