Recruiting Tips – Part 1: Networking & Personal Branding (Tips #1 – 5)  
Published: Apr-04-12
In my role as Campus Recruiting Lead for Accenture in Canada, I often get asked for career tips or recommendations on topics such as how to make a good impression with an employer; apply for a role or prepare for an interview. I thought it would be helpful to pull some of my career tips together and share them through this blog in a four-part series.
To kick-off the series, here are five of my top ten tips for networking and building your personal brand:

1. Connect with alumni from your program. Generally, they are eager to share their experience and provide students and recent grads with tips on how to make the transition from classroom to boardroom.

2. Don't wait until your last year of university to visit career services! This should be your first stop at the start of every year. The career centre staff on your campus are a wealth of information, not to mentions connections. They are the ones talking to potential employers on a daily basis. If they know you, it’s easier for them to introduce you as a potential candidate.

3. You are responsible for building your personal brand. Join LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media sites to make connections and showcase your skills. On-line resources help to promote you and your brand 24/7!

4. Google yourself. It’s always good to know what information, photos, etc. about you are on the internet. Find something negative? Address it and action appropriately.

5. Start building your professional network now, while you're a student. In a few years all of your classmates will move on to work for many different companies, across different industries and geographies. Using LinkedIn will help you stay connected with these potential future business contacts.

Be sure to check back early next month for part two featuring tips six through ten!
Thanks for reading and following along. To stay up-to-date on Accenture career news and events, you can follow Accenture Careers in Canada on Facebook or Twitter. You can also use the comments field below to send me suggestions on what you’d like me to cover. Please reach out and get connected!

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