Don't delay. Apply early. 
Published: Jul-20-11
I am often amazed at the number of students that wait until the last minute to apply to positions they see online. What you may not realize is that in some cases a qualified candidate who applied earlier than you may have already been interviewed and offered the position, so the job posting could close before the stated deadline if a successful candidate accepts the offer.

With the increase in companies using applicant tracking systems, you are potentially missing out on being considered for many opportunities. These systems require companies to include a deadline date but in reality, most start reviewing candidates as soon as they receive their applications. So unlike the dates you receive from your professors for tests, papers and mid-terms, recruiting works much differently. Don’t delay. Apply right away!
A few other tips:
  • Keep copies: When you apply to a position online, make sure you keep a copy of the job description for the position you applied for. Not just the link to the posting as it won’t work once the job posting closes. Create a softcopy and save it, or print it for safe keeping. Also save a copy of the resume and cover letter you used when applying, and keep a record of how you answered any pre-screening questions. All of this information will come in handy when you are called for an interview and need to prepare.
  • Application timelines: Accenture’s Campus Recruiting postings for 2012 Grads will be posted to our careers site in August. Don’t wait until the deadline date in September to apply. Use the extra time you have in the summer to get your application in on time. 

While it is true that during the fall campus recruiting cycle many companies do wait until the deadline date passes to review resumes, my advice is it is better err on the side of caution and ensure you don’t miss out on your dream job.

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Hi Lisa, I've been researching Accenture, and this blog is an amazing resource in helping figure out the application process and many dos and don'ts! Thank you very much for this!
Alexander Leung   |   Jan-02-12   |  07:19 PM
This is actually really useful advise! I did not realize that the deadlines for a job posting, are not, as you mentioned like deadlines for a school assignment. Great articles, and coming from a recruiter its so much more powerful. Thanks!
Radhika Sanda   |   Oct-13-11   |  11:09 AM

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