Don’t get caught off guard. Prepare now for fall recruiting. 
Published: Jun-15-11
It’s summertime so I know many of you are hard at work at your summer positions, but before you know it, summer will be over. Graduating next year? Are you ready to head back to campus and start your job search?
The Accenture campus team is hard at work planning for the fall and our annual campus tour. We will be visiting campuses coast-to-coast in search of talent as early as the second week in September. This timing often seems to catch many students off guard so I’m here to help get you prepared. If you are graduating next spring and interested in a career in consulting the fall is typically when consulting firms do the bulk of their recruiting. If you wait until January or even April to start your search you’ll be disappointed. So, what can you do now to get prepared?
  • Do your research. Start reading up on the different firms. Having this research done ahead of time will save you hours during the fall crunch time and will help you stay more focused in your efforts. One of the students I met told me he had attended over 40 information sessions on his campus in an effort to find out as much as he could about the different companies. My recommendation is to conduct some basic research upfront and then decide which sessions you want to attend based on this so that you use your time wisely. Reach out to your network and find recent graduates who are working at the companies you are interested in. Ask them about the interview process they went through. What they like about the company. And any tips they can share to help you better prepare.
  • Dust off your resume. Visit your career services office and ask to have your resume reviewed. Summer is the perfect time to utilize this service and many others before the big rush in the fall. You’ll find that most advisors are willing to spend some extra time with you during the slower summer months.
  • Identify missing key experiences or skills. Track down sample job descriptions for the type of position you would ultimately like and compare these to your resume. Are there any key skills you are missing? Summer is the perfect time to work on obtaining them. Volunteer, join a club executive team, ask your manager if you can take on an extra project. If you wait until September to evaluate your resume and address gaps, you’ll find you waited too long.
  • Practice, practice, practice! Interviewing is a skill that can only be improved with practice. I recommend you do as many practice interviews as you can. You can find sample interview questions on-line from sources like Workopolis and Monster. Ask yourself the questions and then practice your answers. Once you’ve mastered that, practice with your friends, family and career centre advisor. Most career centres offer a service where you can be videotaped. I strongly recommended taking advantage of this as you will often see some of the nervous habits you may display during an interview. I still remember the first time I saw myself on video. I was amazed at how much I talk with my hands when I get excited about the topic. Once I was more aware of this habit, I worked at toning it down during interviews. 
Thanks for reading and following along! To stay up-to-date on Accenture career news and events, you can follow Accenture Careers in Canada on Facebook or Twitter. You can also use the comments field below to send me suggestions on what you’d like me to cover. Please reach out and get connected!

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