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Published: Oct-21-10

Accenture’s objective with every client is to deliver high performance.  The company positions itself to do so through two means: 1) recruitment and training of people 2) leveraging experience from around the globe.  While the latter isn’t always evident, it’s always there.  I have recently had the opportunity to become more familiar with this aspect of Accenture.  I’ll explain how.

My latest project is helping a large North American organization develop a strategy and approach to sourcing their IT staff – be it through full-time hires, short term contractors, or outsourcing projects to consultancies.  Clearly this is a problem faced by many.  Given Accenture’s size and global presence, there is also no doubt we have tackled this problem before, ideas were generated and solutions delivered.  The problem then becomes how best to gather these ideas, to then compile, customize and build on them into a solution that fits best for our current client.

In the past few days I have been searching our online repository known as the Knowledge Exchange which captures Accenture’s global knowledge on any given topic.  With each new idea discovered I applied a critical eye to determine its relevance to the specific problem at hand for our client.   Finally with a little coaxing from my leads, I sent emails to Accenture’s global experts on the topic.  I had no previous interaction with these people and am many levels their junior.  To my surprise each responded promptly with helpful guidance and materials.  Not only that, a few of them posed probing questions into the specific problems of the client such that they could provide me with precisely the appropriate information.

With all these ideas absorbed I now feel confident in sitting across from the client site next week and speaking intelligently on the topic, representing knowledge from across Accenture.  Now of course it’s not just myself and the client.  My team is led by a senior manager with years of experience in the area.  However this knowledge transfer from across Accenture was essential in both raising my ability to contribute to the team, as well as the ability of my team to design and deliver a leading practice solution in every facet.

Wow i would love to be part of this great company
Sibusiso Nkopane   |   Nov-14-11   |  12:07 PM

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