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Published: Apr-06-12
It’s hard to keep up with consumer needs and preferences. The latest installment in Accenture’s global research program, Actionable Insights for the New Energy Consumer, proves the point. Two years ago, when we asked consumers if they wanted to use social media to get customized advice on electricity management programs, only 1 percent were interested; however, now at least 30 percent want to interact with energy providers over social media! That’s a 2,900 percent increase in two years. While the opportunity for providers to interact with consumers through social media is growing, the window of opportunity for utilities to interact directly with their customers is, on average, only 9 minutes. In short, the traditional customer interaction mix for utilities has completely shifted.
Over the past three years, we have surveyed more than 30,000 consumers and revealed their preferences in the areas of energy efficiency, conservation and nascent consumer values. Specifically in this year’s study, Actionable Insights for the New Energy Consumer, we surveyed more than 10,000 consumers in 19 countries to increase our understanding of consumer choice, connection and loyalty.
Again, the new energy consumers do not disappoint – we uncovered some fascinating insights in areas such as:
  • What products and services are consumers interested in getting from their energy providers?
  • How do consumers differentiate between product and service bundles?
  • What are some willing to pay more for?
  • How can consumers “help” utilities reduce operating cost? (hint: something has reached a tipping point).
Stay tuned as we continue this dialogue, or read ahead and let me know your thoughts.

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