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Several CIO Leaders from Accenture's Internal IT will be contributing to this blog.
Vidya S. Byanna, managing director-Global Infrastructure, oversees the company’s internal IT infrastructure capabilities. Reporting to Accenture’s chief information officer, Mr. Byanna is responsible for Accenture’s worldwide technology infrastructure, including voice and data communications networks, data centers, customer support, workstations, IT security and service management.
Kenneth Corless, managing director-Business Applications, is responsible for the design and development of all of Accenture’s internal applications from customer interaction through development and support. The application team consists of more than 2,000 people in the United States, Argentina, China, Ireland, Spain, India and the Philippines.
Chris Crawford leads the Accenture IT social and collaboration capabilities, managing internal collaboration applications, enterprise search, web publishing and internal social media IT teams. Chris helps deliver collaboration capabilities to Accenture’s approximately 323,000 employees serving clients in more than 120 countries. He also leads Accenture’s internal social enterprise IT teams responsible for Accenture’s internal newsfeed (The Stream), as well as blogs, people pages, ideation, and online events.
Bill Hub is the senior managing director of workplace technology and collaboration and is responsible for transforming the way Accenture communicates and collaborates through next generation tools and services while focusing on driving cost savings and operational effectiveness.
Dan Kirner Daniel P. Kirner is the executive director-Business Applications for Accenture. He leads Accenture’s SAP strategy, operations, and projects that support the business goals of a $30 billion company in 54 countries with approximately 323,000 employees. In addition, Kirner co-leads the majority of Accenture’s business applications and architecture.
Robert E. Kress, former managing director-Business Operations, was responsible for the company’s IT Business Operations group. Mr. Kress was instrumental in running Accenture’s IT like a business. He is now the executive director of Global IT Audit.
Paul Larson, former Global Infrastructure Outsourcing (IO) Unit Lead for Accenture, managed overall responsibility for delivering technical infrastructure services to Accenture worldwide.
Ana López Díaz is a managing director in the Business Applications Delivery group. She leads CIO Global Delivery Centers, which employ more than 83,000 professionals at more than 50 centers in over 40 locations and help differentiate Accenture through scale, capabilities and seamless end-to-end delivery excellence.
Andrew Wilson, CIO
Andrew Wilson, Chief Information Officer of Accenture, leads the global IT operations of a $30 billion company, including the infrastructure, services and applications that enable Accenture people to work anytime, anywhere to serve clients in more than 120 countries. 


About the Author


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