Smart glasses for the oil and gas industry: A look into the future? 
Published: Feb-14-14
As energy companies begin focusing on becoming digital businesses they need to take into account that going digital is no longer simply about how to incorporate technology into organizations. It is more about how they use digital technology to reinvent their organizations to get ahead of the dramatic changes. Take a look at the potential impact of wearable electronics on the energy enterprise. The latest developments in wearable technology, such as smart glasses, have the potential to immensely improve worker efficiency in field service, maintenance and manufacturing, promoting the digital oilfield. How? Smart glasses will help field service technicians in the oil and gas industry diagnose and fix problems faster, without needing to bring additional experts to remote sites. Through augmented reality and head-mounted cameras, smart glasses will give these professionals access to real-time information and deep expertise, making them more effective at, say, maintaining a piece of equipment on an asset or fixing a remote pipeline.
Although smart glasses are an emerging technology, by 2017, according to one estimate, they may help save the field service industry US$1 billion every year. Smart glasses represent one example of a new layer of connected intelligence that augments employees, automates processes and incorporates machines into our lives. They would enable on-the-job training of workers in how to fix equipment and perform manufacturing work. Additionally, by providing advanced and immersive digital collaboration capabilities between field workers and the global workforce, enterprises will be able to leverage a community of practitioners – or troubleshooters - to optimize the performance of field services and remote operations. Read more in the 2014 Accenture Technology Vision on how capabilities at the edge can refresh traditional industries.

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