Delivering Public Service for the Future: Unlocking Public Service Potential—Infographic

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Delivering Public Service for the Future: Navigating the Shifts
Read Accenture’s full global report including where governments currently stand with public service delivery, where they need to be—and how they can get there.

US Government Profile
Read about the current state of US public services and how they can improve public service productivity.

Drivers of Change
The current political, societal and economic climate is calling for a new approach to delivering public service.

Structural Shifts
Learn about the structural shifts that will deliver sustainable public service outcomes.

Regional Partnerships
See how Accenture is bringing together policy makers and prominent thought leaders to help reshape public service for the future.

Delivering Public Service for the Future: Unlocking Public Service Potential - Infographic - Accenture 
View Accenture’s graphic depicting four profound structural shifts which will enable public service outcomes that citizens want at a sustainable cost.
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