Accenture Analytics Applications Platform

Accenture’s Analytics Applications Platform

Accenture Analytics Applications Platform enables the agile and quick development of Advanced Analytics Applications, turn-key industry and function-specific solutions to accelerate the time to insights, action and achieving business outcomes. The applications are flexible and can be quickly designed, built and fully integrated with clients' workflow processes.

What is it?

The Accenture Analytics Applications Platform is a scalable platform that enables the agile development of advanced analytics applications for your organization. It addresses the need for a strong foundation and is designed to easily integrate into an organization’s operational environment and to allow rapid implementation of easy-to-use business applications.

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Benefits of the Application

Existing applications are flexible, easily tailored and agile, providing organizations with immediate access to the tools needed to make analytical-based decisions and solve complex business issues.

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Each application is configured around an industry specific business plan and are embedded with deep industry knowledge

Applications are designed for business users, no need for statisticians to "translate" them

Applications industrialize and automate the decision making process

Each application can be enabled immediately to take business decisions with scale and agility

Applications can be designed and built in a short amount of time, and integrate fully with clients’workflow processes

How does it work?

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  • Load, analyse and store data from different data sources:
    • Relational databases
    • Appliances and distributed systems for Big
  • Data analytics
  • No need to know SQL or any programming language, the Platform uses meta-data definition to automatically retrieve data and to connect your data to the analytics
  • The Platform relies on “best-of-breed” statistical and mathematical engines to build analytics
  • The Platform provides a seamless integration with external engines: you can focus only in analytics development, the Platform will automatically manage time-consuming technical tasks like data preparation and engine execution and control
  • Analytics powered by external engines can be packaged in your APP, becoming completely transparent to the end users


  • Pillars streamline the analytical process, predictive optimization and forecasting, to support decisionmaking activities across the enterprise and analytical results industrialization, making easy to produce real-time outcomes. Pillars allow 2 different and complementary approaches to use algorithms:
  • Automated modeling approach. As a business user or domain expert you focus on managing business processes and you should rely on a self-extracting technology able to mine data, apply models and algorithms and return insights and executive summary reports so you can evaluate the drivers influencing your models with a business perspective
  • Advanced user approach. As a data scientist, you need to deeply analyze data, work to improve high priority models and algorithms and support your team with very effective predictions and forecasts. Selecting the right modeling approach in an exhaustive list of techniques is a key factor for gaining competitive advantage
  • Pillars combine theapproaches letting business users as well as data scientist work together in the same technological framework; they can work simultaneously on the same data, applying different techniques, simulating different scenario to reach the best outcomes and drive the business forward.


  • The goal of the Predictive pillar is building APPs based on Predictive Models. Unified Customer View is the analytical table providing information to this Pillar. The Platform will be used to configure it as needed by Predictivebased Application, using Fraud Detection, Churn prevention or Propensity estimation methods.
  • Predictive Pillar main functionalities are:
  • Data preparation techniques
  • Key predictors calculations and evaluations
  • Drivers and variables selection/upload
  • State of the art algorithms for scoring, clustering, profiling, associations and text mining (decision trees, neural nets, machine learning techniques)
  • Business rules integration
  • Score Matrix to mix up different scoring techniques
  • Business oriented summaries as well as statistical reports
  • Leading organizations are using Predictive pillar to prevent fraud, reduce risk, predict asset downtime, increase redemption rates for marketing campaigns and anticipate customer’s attrition.


  • The goals of the Forecasting pillar are timeseries analysis and forecasting, of any kind of time series, performed on a single item or on item aggregations.
  • Forecasting Pillar main functionalities are:
  • Data visualization, exploration and comparison
  • Time series Predictor/drivers selection/upload
  • Data cleaning and manipulation techniques
  • Automation of performance evaluation through business and statistical KPIs (MASE, MAPE, MAE, ME, etc.)
  • State-of-the-art algorithms for forecasting and simulations like linear, non-linear, casual and boosted models (e.g. ARIMAX, regressions, Generalized Additive Models, Exponential Smoothing, K-nearest neighbors, Neural Networks)
  • Business oriented summaries as well as statistical reports
  • Leading organizations are using Forecasting pillar to forecast demand, sales, managing spare parts, revenues and budgets, creating simulations and whatif scenarios.


  • Optimization pillar will allow to configure Advanced Analytics Applications based on Operational Research Optimization algorithms. Applications Platform Data Model provides the input data for the required optimizations. The Platform will be used to configure the business details of the optimizing APP.
  • Optimization Pillar main functionalities are:
  • Gathering of constrains and parameters data from the Platform
  • Target function and optimization model definition into Wizards and Formulas;
  • State-of-the-art techniques for optimization (symplex, genetic and neural algorithms for linear, non linear and mixed integer problems)
  • Optimization and simulation scenario generation and comparison
  • Leading organizations are using Optimization pillar to create and evaluate scenarios and to optimize decisions.


  • APPs are a set of configuration files that can be used to easily start-up a new installation
  • No business logics are “hard coded” in any programming language or in the software
  • Using configuration files you can easily customize your APPs to follow your customer needs
  • Once packaged, an APP configuration can be used and installed without any change in all your customers environments, not depending from technical details like hardware, operating system or database used
  • Configuration file are easily-understandable Excel files, no programming knowledge is needed
  • Every aspect of Platform and Pillars can be programmatically configured by importers
  • With Platform Domain-Driven philosophy all your configurations map only your business logics, and are not dependent from technical and installation details
  • Configuration files can be packaged in a zip file, you can load a whole App in one-click, starting a new installation in minutes

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The ability to gain insights from your data is critical – it lets you make faster and smarter decisions as you tackle your most complex business issues. With experience across every industry, we can help you turn insights into action, and action into tangible results. That’s high performance, delivered.

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Accenture Analytics Applications Platform 
Accenture Analytics Applications Platform enables the agile and quick development of Advanced Analytics Applications, turn-key industry and function-specific solutions to accelerate the time to insights, action and achieving business outcomes." /><link rel="Stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/us-en/Documents/I4C/css/style.css
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